"Walk the Talk", Culture and Expected Outcomes  

Submitted by Albert "Skip" Greenaway, EAGLE President/CEO
Before I get into my topic, I would like to make a few comments regarding our new newsletter. After taking a year off as a result of organizational changes and a rebranding effort, I am finally proud to reintroduce our newly designed newsletter. It is a customer-centric newsletter as opposed to our past version where we tried to address "something for everyone". I hope you find the articles informative and helpful.

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  SQF 7.2 - What's New  

Submitted by Lindsey Stafford, EAGLE Certification Manager
As many of you know, SQFI has released 7.2 edition of the SQF Code. It was released in March 2014 and must be implemented by July 3, 2014. There are many valuable tools available to help with this transition. (continue reading)

  Certification Process Change for NCR Closure  

Submitted by Kelly Abbott - EAGLE Certification Manager
EAGLE recently changed our process for NCR closure to include a technical review of the information after the auditor acceptance. For many years, the auditor would complete the review and then the process was complete. (continue reading)

  ISO 9001:2015 Pending Changes  

Submitted by Dan Brown, ISO 9001:2015 Transition Team Member
Many clients are already aware of pending changes to the ISO 9001 standard. Drafts of these changes have been circulating for nearly a year, although the final version is expected to be released in September 2015. These changes will be more significant than in 2000 and are built around a new directive called "Annex SL". (continue reading)

  Gluten-Free Market Rapidly Growing  

Submitted by Bryant Shillito, EAGLE Business Development Process Manager
The U.S. is the fastest and largest growing gluten-free market in the world. Research shows that 30% of Americans select gluten-free products as part of their regular diet with 50% buying gluten-free products in main stream grocery stores and about 25% in natural health stores. (Markets and Markets, May 2013). (continue reading)

  EAGLE Names Director of Business Development  

Submitted by Sherie Habel, EAGLE Marketing/Event Coordinator
EAGLE is pleased to announce that Benjamin Marchant joined the company on May 1, 2014, as Director of Business Development to further meet the needs of EAGLE's growing, global client base. (continue reading)

  Upcoming Training Courses View More Training Opportunities  
  Developing & Implementing Safe Quality foods (sqf) systems

June 19-20, 2014

This course can prepare you to meet the SQF Practitioner requirements as defined in the SQF Code, Edition 7.2. Learn More!

  Developing & Implementing HACCP Plans

June 17-18, 2014

Introductory course providing training in developing a HACCP program for all types of processing plants. Learn More!