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November 2015

What's for Lunch: Fall Edition

Great and easy fall lunches. Plus, read how one family is creating delicious new food traditions without gluten or dairy. Don’t miss our exercise recovery strategies, tips to ward off the flu, and more. Happy Thanksgiving from The FruitGuys!


Fall-Flavored Work Lunches

Five Easy Work Lunch Recipes

Beyond pumpkin spice: Infuse your work lunches with the tantalizing flavors of fall. Miriam Wolf gives you recipes for soups, salads, and snacks in Food.

Fruit It Forward


How to send fruit to those in need

If your office is closed or minimally staffed over the upcoming holidays, consider donating your fruit to a worthy cause in your area. More in GoodWorks.

Already a FruitGuys customer? Just contact us at info@fruitguys.com or 1-877-FRUIT-ME (378-4863) and we can set up your donation.

My First Dairy-Free/Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

gluten free

How to make diet challenges work during the holidays

Read how families can come together to create new food traditions that include everyone in Food.

Speed Your Recovery


The right way to recover from a heavy workout

A proper recovery after heavy exercise can ease muscle pain and improve performance. Miriam Wolf explores recovery strategies in Fitness.

Don’t Get Sick!

Flu prevention starts with three words: Wash your hands.

Fall heralds the beginning of flu season in the office and on the playground. Some tips to keep you—and your workplace—healthier this fall in Health.

Order Your Holiday Gifts Today

Want to be remembered positively? No matter where your clients are, we make it easy to give them healthy snacks that feel like they came from right next door.
Our Holiday Harvest Gift Crate comes with a delicious mix of farm-fresh fruit and bags of seasoned nuts.
Ordering 50 gifts or more? Place your order by Fri., Nov. 6, and you can add a handsome 6x9" fruit cutting board laser-engraved with your company’s logo on it. Only $5 per bamboo cutting board!

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Ask The FruitGuys

Q: Will the FruitGuys be closed on Thanksgiving?

A: The FruitGuys will be closed and not delivering on Thurs., Nov. 26, and Fri., Nov. 27, 2015, in observance of Thanksgiving.
For more info, or to donate your fruit to charity, call us at 1-877-378-4863 or email info@fruitguys.com.