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Hello all. There is a lot to get through this month as the season is now ramping up. The LMC and the first regatta of the season are over already. The Go West boys have left shore. The squads are settling into regular training and the men are re-learning the meaning of pain under new head coach Jacki Morrell. And it seems the numerical dominance of the women over men in the shed continues into 2009. (If you know of any men who can row, let us know!).

So, get a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy...


Lord Mayor's Cup

What a day! The 20th LMC is done and dusted (woo hoo!).

Massive thanks to the '09 LMC committee of Sten Campbell, Warren Anderson, Glenda Hirsch, Deidre Devery, Angela Knight and honorary members Deb Mason and Michael Jones, without whose help and hard work the LMC would have been impossible.

Thank you also to all the coaches for taking care of our many participants this year, to the coxswains on the day for dealing with such trying conditions, the deck controllers and heavy lifters for their tireless work, and everyone else who pitched in.

A particular thankyou is due to the 2 crews who put in the really long yards to help return all the boats to ANA, Fremantle, Murdoch and UWA once the LMC was over (Jonesy, Nick Wakeford, Troy Wheeler, Nic Rosengren, Alexis Babos, Tenille Scott, Peter Klemm, Carolyn Murdoch, John Murdoch, Zak Campbell, Frances Garland, Jess Donnelly, Kim Scully, Alex Jolly, Caine Holdsworth, Hayley Bignall and Cormack). Considering some people didn't get home to 8pm that day after a 5am start, it was a fantastic effort.


Membership fees for 2009 were due on 1 April 2009.

If, by 1 May 2009, you have not:
1. Paid all outstanding membership and oar fees from 2008; and
2. Paid your membership fees for 2009 (or come to an arrangement for payment with Carolyn Murdoch)

you will be excluded from use of the shed and equipment until payment has been made or a suitable arrangement has been reached.

The front door combination will be changed on 1 May and the new combination will be sent to members on a new distribution list, which will consist only of paid up members. The current distribution list will no longer be used after 1 May.

Perth to Freo

The longest river race you are likely to compete in is on again on Sunday, 3 May.

If you are intending to compete in this year's race, please let your coach know whether you want to race in an 8 or single scull (Carolyn - an excellent test for those pretty oars) by Wednesday, 22 April so that your entry will on time for RWA.

If you are intending to compete in this year's race, please let your coach know whether you want to race in an 8 or single scull (Carolyn - an excellent test for those pretty oars) by Wednesday, 22 April so that your entry will on time for RWA.

This year, the intent is to bus everyone back to the Westies shed following the race and presentations in Freo. Cost for the bus hire will be to hand closer to the day.

Once all the boats are back in the shed, everyone is invited to celebrate or commiserate at the Brisbane Hotel over lunch and a few beers. The Perth to Freo day is traditionally the first big social day of the season for Westies and we hope that this year is no different.

Go West

Also on the 19th, another race started that wont be finished for a couple of months. Westies family members Matt Hort, Andrew Taylor, Peter Tomic and Dave Louw set off in the boat, Whatever it Takes to compete in the inaugural Geraldton to Mauritius ocean race.

Westies wishes the guys a safe journey with flat water and strong easterlies. We look forward to following their progress and seeing them back home. For more information about the race, the boat or the crew visit their website at

The Shed

We spend a lot of time in the boatshed and the gym. The members are the club, and you have every right to feel a sense of ownership and pride in your environment when you are at training. I encourage you to maintain a high level of expectation of yourself and those around you when it comes to making sure our club is maintained in a clean and tidy state.

Lately there has been a considerable amount of clothing and general rubbish left around, particularly in the gym, but also in the shed.

We do not employ cleaners.

Please clean up after yourself and do not leave clothing, shoes, towels or water bottles in the shed or gym. Please do not leave your locker door open. Doing so is a hazard to other members and is damaging to the locker doors themselves. If you see a bin that is full, please take it out to the green wheelie bins and empty it. This is your club and you have a role to play in maintaining it in a state we can all be proud of.

Abandoned clothing and other items

A basket has been placed at the top of the stairs where any lost property will be placed.

On the first of each month, the contents of the basket will be disposed of without further notice.

Any socks found in the gym or shed will be binned immediately.


Thank you to all those who put up their hand to attend the umpire training course being run this Thursday, 23 April.

Level 1 and Level 2 coaches courses

RWA will be holding a Level 1 coaching course on Saturday, 2 May 2009 from 9am to 4pm. The cost is $130.

RWA will be holding a Level 2 coaching course on the weekend of 9-10 May. The course will be from 8am each day and the cost is $230. Prerequisite for this course is the Level 1 coaching course.

If you are interested in either of these courses, please email Pierre Pougnault your full name, DOB, address, email address and telephone number at:

Skipper's ticket

As you are no doubt aware all dinghy drivers must now hold a skippers ticket. Rowing WA will be holding a boat skills course on Thursday 30th April 2009.

Details as follows:
VENUE : Canning Bridge Rowing Centre
DATE : 30TH April 2009
TIME : 6:00 PM
COST : $155.00 (Normal cost $325.00)

The course consists of a revision session plus a theoretical examination followed by an on water practical examination the following weekend or when a suitable time can be made. Please note that the practical on water test assumes that you can already drive a dinghy and does not include practical tuition.

PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST PICK UP A WORK BOOK FROM THE Dept for Planning and Infrastructure, 1 Essex Street Fremantle. Phone 9216 8999 or

This book must be studied prior to the test on the 30th as the questions will be taken from this book. There will be a review session (of the book) by the instructor for an hour prior to the test on the Thursday. The cost of $155-00 covers all aspects of the course.

Any queries regarding the components of the course please contact Tracy Leveridge-Smith on 0417918945.or email

If you wish to attend this course, please email Pierre Pougnault at:

Pennant Table

ANARC - 70
SRRC - 49
WARC - 23
CUBC - 15
PRC - 1
FRC - 0
BRC - 0
MURC - 0

Next regatta: Perth to Fremantle Head Race, Sunday May 3

Guildford to Garratt

The G2G was run on 19 April 2009, with 4 crews entered from Westies. The final results were:

Nick Wakeford
Simon Johnson
Nick Reid
Trent Leach
Cox: Suzy Wilson
2nd - 25:03

Hayley Bignall
Sarah Allen
Leanne Youngs
Jen Davis
Cox: Rowan Ellis
2nd - 26:56

Mike Jones
Noel Boylan
David de la Hunty
Peter Klemm
Cox: David Murdoch
2nd - 27:29

Jess Stacey
Kim Scully
Carolyn Murdoch
Marian Tromp
Glenda Hirsch
Holly Duder
Yvette Gainey
Sibaunne Mumford-Holmes
Cox: Deb Mason
3rd - 28:24

The placings listed are across all grades – all four WARC crews were the fastest boats in their grades!


For the Diary...

Friday, 1 May - Combination change on shed door
Saturday, 2 May - Busy Bee and Perth to Freo preparation
Sunday, 3 May - Perth to Freo race, bus back to shed and then lunch at the Brisbane Hotel
Wednesday, 6 May - Men’s 6km ergo test
Thursday, 7 May - Women’s 6km ergo test
Saturday, 9 May - Morning row, followed by Rottnest training day
Sunday, 17 May - Mettam Head Race
Saturday, 23 May - Bunbury sprint regatta

And that's the lot for this month - if you have any comments, queries or flames, please send them to the Captain David Winch at


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