Photo of alleged assaulter couldn’t be any clearer. Police are now seeking the person who left Toronto Sun photographer Stan Behal with a concussion after an encounter during an anti-racism rally at Nathan Phillips Square. Stacey Newman, a freelancer who was shooting scenes alongside Behal, shared her own story on Instagram of being “closed in and surrounded” by masked protesters:

Doug Ford tells John Tory to find a better fight. The premier wrote an open letter to the mayor on the eve of a meeting where local politicians will consider a legal challenge to the province's move to slash the size of city council. Ford asks Tory to instead use the meeting to “add funding for guns and gangs.” But the political pair still got together to kick off the CNE, which involved crossing a picket line that's currently fighting for attention with a $100 golden burger.

Adam Vaughan learns not to study Latin via Google. Supporting mayoral candidate Jennifer Keesmaat has entangled the Liberal MP in some odd arguments. It culminated with Vaughan arguing that Keesmaat’s initial rhetoric about Toronto seceding from Ontario was really a call for Toronto to succeed, because the words have the same root. Eventually, he conceded that they have opposite meanings:

The next federal election will be fought in Twitter threads. Or at least it seems that way, based on a week of reactions to Conservative MP Maxime Bernier going on about the “cult of diversity.” Bernier has turned that lens on news like Liberal MP Iqra Khalid rescinding a community service award given to Amin El Maoued, an alleged anti-Semite.

The view from the Canadian marijuana news boom. Cannabis reporting continues to be a growth industry, even if news that potheads can use could better flourish beyond the mainstream. Nonetheless, one newspaper is going for the big money shot:

“Parkdale will always be Parkdale—and Vegandale has only ever been in reference to our five businesses within the community.” Hellenic Vincent De Paul, the owner of the company behind the controversial Vegandale brand, has now committed $100,000 to community programs in the neighbourhood he’s been accused of exploiting.

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Tesla Motors is suing the Ontario government over its cancellation of the Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program.

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