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Issue II, Move-In Edition 2012

Schedule of Events Announced for 2012 Family Weekend

Schedule of Events Announced for 2012 Family Weekend

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Go to eiu.edu/union for a complete listing of EIU Family Weekend events.

Apply for Employment at EIU

Working On Campus Offers Flexibility

Flexible hours, close to home, inviting atmosphere, and great people. What are you waiting for? Go to eiu.edu/housing right now! The status of our job openings (in both housing and dining) change during the year, so don’t hesitate to apply as soon as possible.

Keeping Move-In Day Running Smoothly

Moving to EIU on Aug. 16? Let us help you keep the day running smoothly.

• Download our printable on-
   campus driving directions

   to help minimize or avoid
   any congested traffic.

• Look for move-in tips on
   Twitter (#eiumovein) this
   Aug. 16. You'll be glad
   you did!

Ten Things to do after you get to Campus

1. Check into your
    New Residence

    You may check in from
    Aug. 16 to Aug. 19 unless
    otherwise noted. Call 581-
    5111 for more information.

    • Residence Halls: Report
       to the main lobby of your
       residence hall, 9am to

    • Greek Court: Report to
       the Greek Court Front Desk (NPHC Building), 9am to 7pm.

    • University Court: Report to the University Court Office, 9am-
       12pm and 1-4:30pm on Aug. 16 and 17, and 12-3pm on Aug. 18.

    • University Apartments: Report to the maintenance office (i.e.,
       round building on the south side of complex), 7am to 2:45pm
       Aug. 16 and 17, and 7am to 12pm on Aug. 18.

2. Sign up for a Checking Account
    Sign up for a checking account with First Mid-Illinois Bank &
on Aug. 16 and 17 from 9am-4pm, and 11am-3pm on Aug.
    18 in the bridge lounge located on the second floor, west wing of 
    the Martin Luther King, Jr. University Union. A Panther Card and
    your driver’s license, state ID, passport or military ID is required.
    For more information call 345-8340.

3. Connect your Computer to the University Network
    Your computer must meet the minimum required specifications
    available at its.eiu.edu/newstudentparenttech.php. Your
    username and password are available at eiu.edu/myeiu.

    • Wireless: Double click on the WiFi icon on the bottom left
       corner of your desktop (top right corner for MAC). Choose
       "eiuwifi" as your local default access point. Not available in
       Carman, Pemberton, University Court or University Apartments.

    • Ethernet: Plug one end of a Category-6 Cable (CAT-6) into the
       orange (or red) data port in the 4” X 4” box on the wall of your
       residence and the other into the Ethernet port on your computer. 

       CAT-6 Cables should be 10’ in length at a minimum. Cables
       can be purchased at the University Court Office and Greek
       Court or residence hall front desks. Residents of University
       Apartments are asked to purchase cables at the Lawson Hall 
       front desk. For more information call 581-HELP (4357). ResNet
will be on hand to provide assistance as needed.

4. Pick up your Student ID
    If applicable, pick up your student ID at the Panther Card Office
    located on the second floor of the Student Services Building. A
    driver’s license, state ID, passport or military ID is required. For
    more information call 581-6596.

5. Register for Prowl
    On Aug. 17 freshmen and transfer students (8:30-9:15am) need to
    register for Prowl at Lantz Arena. Prowl is mandatory for freshmen
    and transfer students. For more information call 581-6435.

6. Pick up your Textbooks
    Textbooks can be picked up at the Textbook Rental Service
    Building. Check your Calendar Handbook for extended operating
    hours. For more information go to eiu.edu/textbks or call 581-3626.

7. Purchase a Parking Pass and Register your Bicycle
    Register your bike, and purchase an underclassman (less than 60
    credit hours earned) parking pass for $200, or an upperclassman
    (21 years of age or over 60 credit hours earned) parking pass for
    $100 on-line at eiu.edu/paws. Have the pass mailed to your
    permanent address, or pick it up at the University Police
    Department located across the street from the Martin Luther King
    Jr. University Union. Call 581-5416 for more information.

8. Sign up for Alert EIU
    Students are encouraged to sign up for Alert EIU, a text messaging
    system that notifies subscribers via their cell phones of emergency
    situations that require immediate action such as possible threats
    on EIU’s main campus. For more information, including how to
    sign-up for this service go on-line to eiu.edu/alerteiu.

9. Apply for an On-Campus Job
    See the Apply for Employment at EIU article earlier in this     newsletter.

10. Set up your Voice Mail
      Go to eiu.edu/telecomm/mail.php for directions on how
      to set up the free voice mail option for residence’s landline
      phone. Local phone service is provided as part of the room &
      board contract. Free voice mail, call waiting and speed dialing
      is provided as part of that service.

Cookies, Coffee, Baked Goods and More

Panther Dining Offers a Variety of Gift Baskets

Whether it‘s a dozen gourmet cookies, an assortment of goodies from Seattle’s Best®, or a Dining Dollar Gift Card these gift packages are just a fun way to say, “I’m thinking of you” anytime of the year. Call 581-5733 with your questions, or go to eiu.edu/dining to buy a gift today.

Quick Announcements

Welcome to the Neighborhood Picnic

Welcome to the Neighborhood Picnic
Join us at the Welcome to the Neighborhood Picnic in the South Quad on Aug. 16, 3:30-6:30pm. Both parents and students are invited.

What is RHA?
The Residence Hall Association (RHA) serves as the voice of the on-campus residents. RHA has provided input on room and board rates, policy changes, and renovation plans. Weekly meetings, open to all students residing in university housing, are held to discuss any number of topics related to the needs of the ever-changing student population. Ask a housing professional for more information.

Moving in Late?
If you’re planning on moving into your room or apartment after Aug. 19 you should contact University Housing & Dining Services at 581-3923.

Panther Pals Provide Move-In Assistance
Volunteer “Panther Pals” will be on hand Aug. 16 to direct traffic, answer questions and help with the overall move in process.

Changing Meal Plans
Decreases to fall 2012 semester meal plans must be completed in writing by Aug. 24, 2012. Request must include:
• Desired meal plan
• Student’s name [printed]
• Student’s signature

Fax requests to 581-6489. Additional Dining Dollar purchases and meal plan increases may be made at any time after the fall semester begins.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint by Becoming an Environmentalist for a Day

Keeping it Green on Move-In Day

Decrease your carbon footprint on Move-In Day. All it takes is five easy steps:

1. Use environment-friendly packing materials like repurposed
    newspapers instead of Styrofoam peanuts.

2. Buy things locally to avoid unneeded boxes and packing materials.

3. Use campus recycling bins to dispose of discarded items.

4. Buy items with an Energy Star® logo. This labeling program
    recognizes the 25% of products with the lowest energy

5. Don’t speed. You’ll use less gas. That’s good for your wallet,
    your safety, and the environment.

EIU “Reusable Bottle” Give Away

Team up with the Residence Hall Association, National Residence Hall Honorary and University Housing & Dining Services to help reduce disposable paper cups usage in the dining centers. Pick up your EIU Reusable Bottle (free for all Panther Plus Meal Plan Holders) the first time you eat in one of the residential dining centers. Plus, it’s good for 79¢ refills at the University Food Court.

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