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March 2015 - Vol 7, Issue 1

Come visit us at these upcoming conferences

ABRF Booth #228. St Louis MO, March 28-31, ABRF web site

MSACL Booth #19. San Diego CA, March 28-31, MSACL web site

ASMS Booth #31. St Louis MO, May 31-June 4, ASMS web site

ASMS User’s Group will be held on Sunday afternoon, May 31. Sign up here.

New Scaffold Features

Since the Scaffold 4.3.3 release we have added these features:

New perSPECtives features

A variety of new features have also been added to perSPECtives, including:

Check out Elements for Metabolomics!

Elements for Metabolomics, our newest tool for processing, organizing and interpreting large scale metabolomics experiments is in beta testing.

Elements employs parallel processing to efficiently analyze hundreds of MS samples with or without MS/MS spectra. Metabolites are identified using multidimensional search and scoring algorithms. Search with the NIST and HMDB spectral libraries, or import your own.

Backed by robust and cutting edge non-parametric statistical models to normalize and interpret data, Elements includes proper handling of biological and technical replicates. Share results with a free viewer.

Come see a demo!

Do you have a publication that cites Scaffold? Let us know!

We’ll post it on our website and spread the word about your great work. Send us an email with the details.

New Tutorial Videos

Exploring the Samples View
Quantitation with Q+

Popular White Papers

Precursor Intensity Quantitation in Scaffold (2014)
Scaffold Protein Grouping and Clustering (2014)
Configuring Proteome Discoverer 1.3 and 1.4 for optimal performance in Scaffold 4 (2014)

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