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TeachingEnglish Asia
British Council TeachingEnglish Asia Winter 2018

Welcome to TeachingEnglish Asia

Welcome to our Winter 2018 edition and seasons greetings to all who celebrate!

We have a fascinating interview with at teacher in Japan, who attended British Council teacher training and went on to speak at an international conference in Malaysia.  We also find out about some unconventional teacher training techniques in Vietnam, and a project that will help preserve traditional folk tales in Malaysia.

We hope you enjoy reading this edition and if you have any questions for us please email the TeachingEnglish Asia team.

News and events
  Mika Mori presents at the New Directions Conference in Kuala Lumpur

From classroom teacher to international speaker

Mika Mori, an English teacher from Kumamoto prefecture in Japan, recently flew to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to give a presentation at New Directions in English Language Assessment, an international conference about assessment and standards in education systems.

She shares with us her experiences of speaking at an international conference and how she came to be there.

Learn more about Mika and her story.

  A traditional Oran Asli dance performance

Storytelling for imagination, creativity and language learning

Storytelling is a wonderful tool for language learning and creativity, and every culture has its own traditional stories. A new project in Malaysia has taken these two elements and is preserving traditional stories and using them to help the younger generation learn about their traditions while learning English.

Find out more about the Orang Asli storybook project.

  Trainer and trainees discuss teaching methodologies in Vietnam

Think Differently and Show Results

A common challenge in teacher training is encouraging the trainees to use all the new methodology, especially when it is radically different from their current techniques.  Trainers in Vietnam have been trying out some unusual ideas to reassure the teachers that the methodology will work in their classroom.

Learn what the trainers did and the difference it has been making to the teachers' teaching practice.

  A woman stands in front of the phonemic chart

TeachingEnglish Training - special offer

Understanding how to teach pronunciation effectively makes you a better teacher. Why not buy our self-study module 'Understanding Pronunciation' today, which for December is half price!

You'll learn how to explain the key concepts of pronunciation, including sounds, phonemes, word stress, connected speech and intonation, and learn how to build a focus on pronunciation in your classroom teaching.

Special offer in December - buy this module for £6 instead of £12

  Two people at a conference talk to each other

Upcoming conferences across the region

Find out about ELT conferences and events taking place across East Asia in the coming months as well as deadlines for submitting papers, abstracts and presentations.


British Council Resources

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Events: Find out about ELT conferences and events taking place across East Asia in the coming months as well as deadlines for submitting papers, abstracts and presentations.



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