The chaos surrounding Patrick Brown is spreading to every town. The movement to revert the Ontario PC flip-flop on the carbon tax grows, the Liberals can hardly take the opposition leader seriously, and MPP Sam Oosterhoff is no longer a teen. Still, many wonder if Patrick Brown will even endure until the election next June. Consider this fresh audit of provincial ridings whose nomination contests have been mired in problems:

"Canada is an open and welcoming society. But just as we welcome & encourage newcomers, we are also a country of laws.” Justin Trudeau walked back a super-woke statement about how there’s “always a place” for refugees, as more asylum seekers make the crossing from New York to Quebec. Conservative MP Michelle Rempel has gone so far as to blame the situation on one January Trudeau tweet, while Conservative leader Andrew Scheer says that the PM has broken the system.

Howard Moscoe peddles memories of city hall from before social media ruined everything. Councillors have toned down the tweeting this summer, save perhaps for Giorgio Mammoliti ranting about safe injection sites, or Norm Kelly hawking his merchandise. But a forthcoming memoir from 32-year North York politician Howard Moscoe promises fun recollections of being at constant odds with Mel Lastman, who once described Moscoe as “the best excuse for birth control I know.”

BuzzFeed turns to Rob Ford’s sacked chief of staff. Mark Towhey penned an open letter to John Kelly with 13 points of advice about how to deal with President Trump. The listicle roused critics who think firing Towhey was the only smart thing RoFo did.

Russia Today explores the stifling of free speech at Ryerson. The cancellation of Tuesday’s "freedom of speech" panel discussion at Ryerson was cheered by protestors who showed up anyway to celebrate what they saw as a defeat for racists and fascists. Sarina Singh, a self-described “recovering social worker” who organized the panel, has been crowdfunding to hold it elsewhere soon. Meanwhile, panelist Oren Amitay, a psychologist and Ryerson instructor, laments being characterized as some kind of Nazi over this. But the Russian government's media operation savoured the irony of it all:

Toronto has no shortage of monuments that’d bring on calls for a topple. While the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario has voted to urge school boards to remove John A. Macdonald's name from buidlings, his effigy is the starting point for Adam Bunch’s tour of “complicated statues,” from Queen Victoria to Egerton Ryerson. Walking a few blocks to spot examples was enough to tire him out:

The next stage of Evan Solomon’s rehabilitation. CTV's Question Period host will be taking over Newstalk 1010 from 2 to 4 p.m.—replacing the second half of Jim Richards’ Showgram. The national show continues a comeback that started almost as soon as he was fired by the CBC in June 2015 for his art-dealing side hustle. (Solomon then spent nine months on a SiriusXM show to prove that Ottawa politicos would still speak to him.)

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Lady Gaga will debut her Netflix documentary with a stage performance at TIFF.

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