Kathleen Wynne overreached to feel the Bern. The premier called the Vermont senator's protectionist policies “dangerous" last year. But health care must be another matter, because over the weekend she toured Women’s College Hospital with Bernie Sanders, then introduced him at Convocation Hall—just before rebooting her own candidacy. Photo-ops with the most popular politician in America were inevitably deployed online:

“I was the world’s worst hooker. I was so not good at it. I didn’t make a lot of arrests Tracey Cook, a onetime undercover cop who's now the city's executive director of municipal licensing and standards, was profiled by the Toronto Star on the eve of her next potential clash: licensing Airbnb in a way that makes as few people as possible mad at her, as she tried doing with Uber. Meanwhile, a few of city hall's more eccentric deputants got five more minutes of fame in a piece by Marcus Gee.

Pioneer Village hailed as the most thrilling new subway stop. Will Alsop, the architect of one of six new subway stations that stretch to Vaughan, turned up to bask in his own creation. The other stops were also open for a Saturday peek—except for Finch West, which the TTC still promises will be open with the rest on December 17. But the consensus seems to be that the best of them is amidst Black Creek:

Dave Hodge hasn't entirely flipped off TSN yet. Details remain elusive about the proverbial pen flip that led to the cancellation of The Reporters, mere weeks after the chat show got a relaunch. (The presumption is that the axing related to budget cuts.) Hodge plans to discuss other roles at TSN; if nothing works out, he hopes to work elsewhere.

Kevin Spacey’s scandal might further the real story of The Two Coreys. It was while watching the Tony Awards in Toronto, where his show Star Trek: Discovery is shot, that Anthony Rapp considered going public with allegations that Spacey had sexually assaulted him at age 14. (Spacey apologized, and also came out as gay.) The revelation provides more grist for Corey Feldman, who wants to raise $10 million to expose pedophiles in the industry. In the meantime, he's striking back at Corey Haim’s mother for calling him “a scam artist.”

Daniel Richler returns to stick up for the goths. The evolution of Halloween from something about kids and costumes to a season of clickbait played out in the greying pages of the Globe and Mail. The newspaper tried to preempt costume appropriator alibis and lamented the commercialization of trick-or-treating. And now a former Toronto broadcaster turns up to explain how dropping the apostrophe was the very first step toward missing the point:

Guelph doesn’t look too thrilled to be the Dianetics capital of Canada. The opening of Scientology’s new national headquarters met with protesters (not all of whom wore the standard Guy Fawkes masks) who criticized the organization's oft-refuted legacy of brainwashing and racism. The former homeless drop-in centre at 40 Baker Street looks a lot less glamourous than the typical Scientology building. In Toronto, renovation plans for the church's tower at 696 Yonge remain in limbo.

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The Royal Canadian Mint is investigating why a sealed wafer stamped with these words, sold by the Royal Bank, may not contain any gold at all.

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