Cracked church is suing the Eaton Centre. Forty years after the mall was built around the Church of the Holy Trinity—which fought to protect its sunshine—a $2-million lawsuit alleges that trucks in the Eaton Centre's underground tunnels are breaking down the church's walls. (Cadillac Fairview won’t comment on the case.) Meanwhile, the mall's new Queen Street skybridge construction has its own hashtag:

ROM Crystal’s second-entrance status seen as a distraction tactic. The revival of the Queen’s Park entrance to the Royal Ontario Museum should please anyone who ever wondered why those doors were shuttered in favour of a napkin sketch. The move is also providing Urban Toronto forum contributors with opportunities to dig up decade-old posts about how they hated it from the start.

Two guys were charged with obstruction for reporting on a fatal collision. Hamilton Police handcuffed a pair of journalists at Evans Road and Highway 5, where a 10-year-old girl died after being struck by a car. “This was an isolated issue and I’l be seeking resolution,” freelance photographer David Ritchie tweeted after the fact.

Jonathan Kay’s exit from The Walrus explained (by him). Kay’s formidable National Post fan base gets treated to a fun ramble about what went wrong, in which Kay writes that he hopes his replacement continues with transforming what was “a somewhat sleepy, bien-pensant Annex-centric journal of arts and letters.” (He also notes that a profile of himself in the Ryerson Review of Journalism held up a mirror to his life—and he didn't like what was staring back.)

Avril Lavigne is getting back to being alive. After public apathy toward her work with Chad Kroeger, the singer has started producing a new album—this despite the revival of a curious rumour that the actual Lavigne committed suicide in 2003 and was replaced by a body double. (But then, the Paul McCartney death conspiracy theory is still being pondered 50 years later.) Haydn Watters of CBC News goes deep by interviewing the three people most distressed by the hoax: the president of Lavigne’s fan club in Brazil, the director of the Slim Secrets protein bar that she promotes—and the incensed proprietor of her hometown pizzeria.

Jill Colton’s unusual bid for a post-CP24 weatherlady career is here. After leaving Bell Media earlier this year, Colton felt free to tweet her political opinions, resulting in the same sorts of alt-right rants that have proven profitable for others. So far, she’s addressing typical topics on YouTube. Coming up: a video about how there’s now “barely a difference” between public and private broadcasters .

Lorne Michaels on the defensive about abetting Donald Trump. Few would accuse Saturday Night Live's Canadian creator of swinging popular opinion rightward, but now there's backlash over his role in making The Tonight Show a safe space for Trump. Michaels is left telling New York Times that no one at NBC News imagined the election result, and that Jimmy Fallon doesn’t discriminate: “You couldn’t do that show if you only had people you liked.”

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The convience store brand has started replacing On the Run signs at Esso gas stations, while also taking out Mac's owl mascot.

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