Thursday October 8 - TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY!

Designspeaks presents Peak Performance


Technology is changing the driving experience. Racecar drivers train professionally in virtual environments. Engineers push motorcycles to unreal speeds. Designers reimagine a driverless vehicle. This is all happening. We want you to have a taste.


Virtual and augmented reality is here. Try it at Designspeaks.

Professional racer Nick McMillen trains using virtual environments pioneered by our other panelist Keith Maher. With instant feedback on performance, Keith's clients are winning races around the world. Before we talk about the technology, you'll have the opportunity to virtually ride along with Nick on a real track.


He built a 400 mph motorcycle. Meet him at Designspeaks.

Matt Markstaller is a mechanical engineer. By day, he oversees prototype vehicles for Daimler Trucks including Pikes Peak Hill Climb vehicles, test facilities and state-of-the-art wind tunnels. By night, he designs open road racers and Bonneville record streamliners.


What's the future of auto design? Ask us at Designspeaks.

Aaron Pizzuti is passionate about cars and design - and opinionated about both! With a lifelong interest in the field, he spent 9 years at Chrysler as design manager and knows the process inside and out.

Interested? Come to Designspeaks Oct. 8 for all this plus food and drinks catered by Merit Badge. Your ticket includes the presentation, make-your-own-sandwiches, hosted bar, and this 24"x10" limited edition screenprint by W+K's Corey Bade:

Creative and technology professionals together at last.

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