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Alumni Interview: Sharon G. Flake

Sharon G. Flake graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with her bachelor’s degree in English in 1978. After years of working with youth in foster placement, Flake returned to the University of Pittsburgh as a public relations representative.  She spent over eighteen years at Pitt, the last nine as public relations director for the Katz Business School. Her first novel, The Skin I’m In (Hyperion, 1998), is a story about a young girl who is belittled and bullied until she ultimately finds her voice and grows comfortable in the skin she’s in. Since the publication of this novel, Flake has written ten other books; her most recent YA title is Unstoppable Octobia May (Scholastic, 2014), a mystery set in the 1950s whose sleuth protagonist must defy racial and gender stereotypes and limitations to uncover the truth. More>

Remembering a Young Writer: The First Annual Alexandra L. Rowan Writing Festival

On Saturday, March 28, 2015, approximately fifty dedicated writing students gathered at 10:00 a.m. – pens in hand – on the fifth floor of the Cathedral of Learning for the First Annual Alexandra L. Rowan Writing Festival. Alexandra L. Rowan was a graduate of the undergraduate Writing program. The event was supported by the Rowan family, whose wish it is to encourage undergraduate writers, after the loss of their daughter. More>

Literary Citizens

In larger cities like Paris, San Francisco, and New York, a class of “literary citizens” has arisen. These writers from all genres use their knowledge and passion to give back to the communities that helped them hone their craft. They create spaces for younger or aspiring writers to shine, helping their own writing career to grow along the way. In recent years, Pittsburgh has carved out its own place on the literary map, with its own band of literary citizens doing their part to fill the Steel City with the wonder of words. More>

Looking Back on Active Teaching Careers: Philip and Susan Smith

Phil Smith and Susan “Slu” Smith have spent their careers redefining and reinventing how professors and students interact with the humanities. Their unique interests, in music and drama respectively, have given students an experience that has lasted long after the last class of the semester. And this is not surprising given their extensive participation in outside-of-the-classroom activities—theatre productions, musical groups, study abroad experiences, and even administrative roles within the University. More >

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Fall / Winter 2015


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