Weedora might be too surreal to be real. Knob hangers for a cannabis delivery service look mighty real, with their promise of seven free grams when you order your first ounce. There’s a number to text, a strain menu with links to Leafly, and a claim that they're hiring drivers. While the company's Instagram has disappeared, the @Weedora_TO Twitter account describes it as a “parody" (of Foodora, obviously). Texts to the number aren’t being returned. Still, it proves that a subversive enough business idea can always get noticed.

How a mayoral candidate gets made. Newstalk 1010 had the DART polling firm float the idea of Newstalk host Desmond Cole as a prospective challenger to John Tory—and Cole came out with respectable enough numbers that he now claims he's considering it. A column by fellow 1010 contributor Edward Keenan bolsters the case for giving Tory somebody to debate who isn’t Doug Ford. (Meanwhile, a DoFo parody account removed from Twitter for "impersonation" has been revived.)

"Why target a small little Indigenous restaurant that's only 27 seats when there's these larger corporations?" Joseph Shawana, chef at the Ku-Kum Kitchen along midtown Mt. Pleasant Road, can't comprehend an online petition demanding the removal of seal meat from his menu. While an outraged customer claims the seal was sourced from a “violent, horrific, traumatizing and unnecessary” commercial hunt, Shawana says he’s done due diligence. Ku-Kum is being defended in a counter-petition, which has now garnered close to the same number of signatures as the original.

Harper is now swearing. Be vigilant. The latest round of NAFTA negotiations at the White House had Justin Trudeau looking grateful for any distractions. A concurrent panel discussion in Washington supplied an update on how gloomy Stephen Harper feels about it all. Canadian Press correspondent Alexander Panetta was writing up a story as Harper chatted with friends a few feet away, leading the ex-PM to ask, “Are you fucking recording this?” (Panetta later learned it was Harper’s idea of a joke.)

"Da Zone" football debacle makes the case for cord-restoring. The NFL's exclusive deal with DAZN, a U.K.-based online streaming service, kicked off a season of inconsistent transmissions. Now, partnerships are gradually allowing DAZN games to be watched the old-fashioned way. The leader of the campaign to get the NFL to amend the setup figures his work is almost done here:

Cassette Store Day gets thrown a new rope. The first three White Stripes albums will make their tape debuts in this Saturday’s annual commemoration of spooled sonic quirk. The Dupe Shop, celebrating its first year as a Bloordale business largely dedicated to cassettes, continues to explore just how far you can push the format as recycled nostalgia:

Canada’s Best Restroom is at Bayview Village. Its elegance helped the mall win the annual Cintas contest, taking over the title from an Esso station in Whitecourt, Alberta. The shopping centre, which is now slated for redevelopment, doesn’t even seem the least bit embarrassed by the honour.

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The late Toronto teen star Corey Haim will be immortalized in a Lifetime biopic that's being overseen by sidekick Corey Feldman.

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