Condo boards and legal pot consumption: what could possibly go wrong? It’s time to find out, as their deliberations about added smoking regulations make the news. One resident of 111 Bathurst was initially annoyed by the extra restriction, but today he looks chilled-out enough to invite you up for edibles:

“While we might think public shaming or going to the media would work, it could have the opposite effect in terms of getting our elevators running properly.” The condo board at 59 East Liberty wanted to keep the lid on resident complaints about inoperable lifts—but the Globe and Mail dug around and found the provincial government interceding in the issue. The story generated Reddit discussion about buildings beset by similar complications.

Pollsters will never find a word that rhymes with orange. Forum Research is touting numbers that show an Ontario NDP majority government—even though 31 per cent of those polled don’t have an opinion on potential premier Andrea Horwath. Meanwhile, CBC's poll tracker has the Liberals possibly down to one seat. With the election so close, some poll results, like these from Ekos, can even get shared online as photos of printouts:

Hitler memes are the new lady oil wrestling. While pundits are grappling with whether allegations of vote-rigging are bad for Doug Ford’s brand, the Ontario PCs revealed a new addition to their NDP rogues’ gallery: Scarborough-Agincourt candidate Tasleem Riaz, whose Facebook history hails a guy called Adolf—though Riaz says she has no recollection of the offending post. Meanwhile, a slick witness found by Joe Warmington links Kitchener NDP candidate Fitzroy Vanderpool with the Female Oil Wrestling Federation.

“VICE media trash 2018” trophy alarms a politician or two. Justin Trudeau was among those speaking out about members of Quebec far-right group Atalante storming into the Vice Media office in Montreal in response to the outlet's coverage of their antics. And it happened just as the Supreme Court started hearing the appeal of a Vice reporter who refused an order to turn over notes to the RCMP.

Elon Musk is eager to muzzle the media. The Tesla titan has kept on a Twitter tear about how his Silicon Valley type gets covered, which might’ve been stoked by clickbait scrutiny of his performative new relationship with the daughter of a Vancouver journalist. Grimes offered her insights from within:

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The name of a new Queens Quay creative incubator backed by the Weeknd—who also has a new single with rapper Belly, featuring typically insipid lyrics.

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