“There were numerous errors in judgement made in the handling of the meeting with Ms. Lindsay Shepherd, the TA of the tutorial in question. In fact, the meeting never should have happened at all.” Wilfrid Laurier University president Deborah MacLatchy issued a statement that completely exonerated Shepherd for showing a TVO clip featuring Jordan Peterson. Turns out none of the students in her class complained in the first place:

Cannabis Culture was bogarting big bucks. Marc and Jodie Emery are being fined $195,000 each after pleading guilty to drug-related charges. And now we know how much their illegal dispensary chain was raking in: six per cent commission from a downtown franchise supplied up to $45,000 in weekly royalties.

Queen West’s rock 'n' roll legacy is falling into a harder place. Much like strip clubs, live music venues have become a dying breed. There's a 2,700-capacity Live Nation site coming to Queen and Coxwell, but the real estate boom puts other clubs on shakier ground, no matter how much nostalgia surrounds a spot like the Horseshoe Tavern—as David McPherson, who wrote a book about it, explains in this piece about the future:

Subway collectors will have no more windows to tap on. The six new subway stations were built without any of the junk shop-style booths. (Meanwhile, Sheppard West and Wilson are now the first in a process of phasing them out everywhere else.) Reviews of the new stations praise their exterior aesthetics, despite the blandness of the platforms. It’s too late to question how a Spadina-line extension became the priority. (Don’t ask Andy Byford, who’s now contemplating whether to bring NYC the Toronto tradition of closing lines for repairs.)

Blake Leibel trial is expected to tell a grisly Hollywood tale. The comic book writer described as a “Toronto trust-funder” will go to court soon over the 2016 torture killing of girlfriend Olga Kasian. Details of what exactly happened have been sparse, but The Hollywood Reporter has tales from Leibel's life of “Trumpian excess,” intertwined with details about his brother Cody's alleged debts from the same kind of high-stakes poker playing that's depicted in Aaron Sorkin's new movie Molly's Game:

The future of work is in a Mississauga mall. Erin Mills Town Centre is ahead of the curve in turning dead retail spaces into laptop laboratories with the opening of its MindShare Workspace. Still to come is WeWork, which plans to turn two floors of Hudson’s Bay at Queen and Yonge into a “capitalist kibbutz,” along with building a rather dystopian mystery:

“Penny-rounding” study gets filed with the rest of the Fake News. Following a CBC story, Canadian Press widely reported on third-year UBC student Christina Cheung, who says Canadian grocers annually pocket $3.27 million in extra pennies. But her study didn’t account for after-tax totals, or how cash totals are as often rounded up as down.

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Photos that led to speculation that NDP leader Jagmeet Singh was either engaged or married were from this Sikh ceremony that accompanies meeting the parents.

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