Sarah Palin might as well move to Ottawa now. While new foreign affairs minister Chrystia Freeland tries talking tough, a demurral by White House mouthpiece Sean Spicer was enough to virtually confirm the notion that Palin is under consideration for a diplomatic post in Canada. MP Charlie Angus might have made Palin's eventual arrival in this country even more likely by taunting the Trump administration on Twitter.

Shopify boss takes a slippery-slope stand for free speech. After fielding a flurry of feedback about the fact that Shopify is the platform for Breitbart's online store, the Ottawa e-commerce giant’s founder, Tobias Lütke, took a stand for maintaining his business relationship with the far-right website. Shopify employees claimed the connection caused internal discord at their company.

“Molly didn’t have the backing.” A biblically epic battle between female baboons at the Toronto Zoo is chronicled by the Canadian Press, updating a past story about the troop’s 16-year-old leader, Betty, being euthanized. Betty’s daughter Molly was still too young to assert her dominance, so the troop’s eldest female, Putsie, pursued the throne with the help of her three daughters—outnumbering Molly and her sister Susan, who were relentlessly bullied before some hormonal interventions calmed everbody involved down. (Meanwhile, all of the male baboons simply steered clear.)

Dean Blundell dumped by the Fan 590. Two years ago, Rogers Sportsnet recruited the former 102.1 the Edge morning man. The Fan's previous morning host, Greg Brady, is now returning, meaning Blundell is once again without a job. (The replacement's replacement is thrilled to be back.) Blundell is now free to apply for the morning sidekick job opening at 102.1 the Edge.

A new frontier in Toronto real estate hate-reading. A dumpy 1912 bungalow that sold for $10,000 in 1966 was listed for $679,990—and just sold for $1,050,000. Click here!

Bernie Bro ready to rep Scarborough. Rouge River’s Ward 42 will elect someone new to city council next week, and transit advocacy will definitely be part of the deal. Punch Sockalingam (416-PUNCH-ME) is up against somebody who has actually won an election before. School trustee Neethan Shan makes clear who influenced his sign style:

R.I.P. adult colouring books. Indigo chief Heather Reisman admits the infantilization trend has wound down. Still, the chain is doing fine. It outlived HMV by not betting altogether on e-books.

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KFC introduced its new new pizza, with a fried-chicken crust, in Singapore—and they're not denying that it might come to Canada soon enough.

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