Get ready for a gladiator ring around Toronto City Hall. Doug Ford used the Scarborough subway debate as an example of why John Tory’s appeal to halt cuts to the number of council seats isn’t worth heeding. Councillor Glenn De Baeremaeker now won’t be among those incumbents forced to undermine each other in the coming bloodbath:

“Cultural balkanisation brings distrust, social conflict and potentially violence, as we are seeing everywhere.” Conservative MP Maxime Bernier threaded some tweets in response to Justin Trudeau using Taste of the Danforth to hail greater diversity.

Toronto Against Fascism rally turns on the Toronto Sun. A planned event to mark the first anniversary of the Charlottesville riots in Nathan Phillips Square didn’t amount to much—but opponents of the demonstration still showed up:

“Are you happy and satisfied now?” ask owners of Meow. Global News reported on customers being told by staff at the Mount Pleasant cat café that they can’t enter with wheelchairs or walkers. Video of a further confrontation was posted to Facebook. The attention led Meow to close, with a letter on the door from owners describing themselves as “weak women and Asians who don’t speak English well.

“Vegandale” doesn’t seem to be pleasing anyone. Protests against one company turning part of Parkdale into a trendy vegan district has led to vegans sticking up for their plant-eating style. The growing consensus is that slogans like “Morality on Tap” are serving to reinforce negative stereotypes:

The last days of the great Toronto cube house. The three tilted green boxes at 1 Sumach Street were put up for sale two years ago, and their land is now slated for redevelopment. But there remains a possibility that the structure might be salvaged:

Indigo could be a model for Barnes & Noble. Short Hills, New Jersey will soon get the first U.S. location of Canada’s cultural department store, touted as a saviour of higher-end malls. Indigo’s style is something the troubled Barnes & Noble chain can emulate, according to a New York Times story—which cites interviews with publishing executives who say they hope Indigo buys B&N.

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Twitter is facing an account deactivation campaign on August 17 from users who vow to permanently delete themselves within 30 days if the company doesn’t ditch Alex Jones.

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