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"No one speaks for the fishermen."

It’s something we heard time and again in BC’s coastal communities. Small-scale fishing operations are in trouble and rural communities are suffering as a result.

We decided to step up.

Our work gives fishermen and communities a platform to speak for themselves – and be heard. And it’s in that spirit that we introduce our latest project: an interactive web portal that explores fishermen’s perspectives about life on the sea through data visualizations and good old fashioned storytelling.


Devlin Fernandes leads Ecotrust Canada’s Skeena office team in Prince Rupert. She works with First Nations partners, community groups, fishermen, and government agencies on fisheries issues throughout BC.

"Our work gives voice to people who have lived on – and with – the land and its resources. It allows them to be active participants in defining their future."


Twenty years ago, Jacqueline Koerner was a Director of Ecotrust US when founder Spencer Beebe asked her to become Founding Chair of Ecotrust Canada. Although our staff and projects have evolved over time, our core mission has remained the same. Ecotrust Canada continues to work deeply with communities, developing solutions that integrate – and celebrate – economic, environmental, social, and cultural values.

“Ecotrust Canada empowers communities to create the futures they want and need.”


Ecotrust Canada has always had a techie bent. In a world where information is power, our organization equips communities with the tools they need to participate fully in social, economic, and ecological decisions that affect them.

Our interactive data site takes this one step further – it brings awareness of rural issues to an online audience, giving fishermen a voice on a global scale.

Today is Giving Tuesday, a day for us to kick off the giving season by supporting our nation’s charities. Please consider a donation to support Ecotrust Canada’s innovative, inspiring work in some of BC’s struggling communities.


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