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Friday July 13, 2012

New International shipping arrangements successfully implemented

In February 2012 Lawley Australia announced the appointment of I.L.S Ltd., operator of, as an independent supplier of our AndroFeme®, AndroForte® 2 and AndroForte® 5 testosterone creams.

In the four months since these new arrangements have been in place I am pleased to advise  there has been a 100% success rate with deliveries worldwide. ILS have proved to be extremely professional and competent with both supply and customer support.
I.L.S Ltd is a long established online provider of quality pharmaceuticals (through and with an extensive worldwide supply network.

Lawley Australia will continue to provide a complete patient support service if you have any product or treatment questions. ILS will provide customer ordering and shipping support.
If you were unaware that we had re-commenced shipping our products internationally and wish to continue to use our product please click on the link below and you will be transferred to the ILS order page to order any of the Lawley product range.

We have been overwhelmed with the most appreciative response people have had to our products once again being available. Lawley Australia trust the new supply arrangements prove acceptable to you and we look forward to resuming assisting you with your health needs.

The past 12 months has seen some exciting new findings in how essential the hormone testosterone is to both men and women. In this issue we look at some of these studies and their implication in preventing Alzheimers Disease, prostate cancer and low libido n women.

Michael Buckley
CEO and Principal Pharmacist

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Testosterone and Alzheimer's Disease

In a world first, the hormone testosterone will be evaluated as a treatment option for Alzheimer’s disease in a human clinical trial as part of the national CRC for Mental Health initiative launched nationwide in November 2011. Lawley Australia is proud to be involved in this groundbreaking research work .


The study, to be conducted by Professor Ralph Martins at the McCusker Foundation for Alzheimers Research in Perth, Australia will examine the responsiveness of male patients with early phase symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease. In animal studies testosterone has been shown to significantly reduce the accumulation of the toxic protein beta-amyloid in the brain which is characteristic of Alzheimer’s Disease sufferers.


Researchers believe that testosterone may be the key to removing the accumulation of beta-amyloid in the brain Alzheimer’s patients and improve quality of life for thousands of patients and their families. It is expected that by 2050 Australia will have 1.13 million people affected by Alzheimer’s Disease - in the USA this figure is estimated to be in excess of 20 million people. 


Lawley Australia as a member of the CRC for Mental Health is at the forefront of this research and has for many years worked closely with Professor Martins and his team.

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Testosterone and Prostate Cancer

Over the past 10 years clinicians worldwide have begun to let go of the old belief that raising testosterone levels in middle-aged men would increase the risk of prostate cancer (PCa). A re-evaluation of historical data and a multitude of new clinical studies have gone a long way to dispel many of the myths surrounding the relationship between testosterone and the prostate.


In a medical paper published last year in the journal Urol Clin N Am, USA urologist Abraham Morgentaler presents a compelling summary of the scientific evidence demonstrating the safety of testosterone administration on the prostate in men except in those men with castrate like naturally occurring serum levels of testosterone (< 120ng/dl or 4 nmol/L).  

Dr Morgentaler commented that "the field of androgens and PCa has been turned upside down" and the evidence shows:

  • men with naturally high levels of testosterone are at no greater risk of developing PCa than men with naturally low serum testosterone
  • men who do develop PCa do not have higher baseline T levels
  • low T may itself represent a risk factor for PCa
  • the increased risk of PCa due low T is associated with the more severe forms of disease

Morgentaler states "while there is little, if any, compelling evidence that testosterone therapy poses an increased risk of PCa, it must also be recognized that there is great overlap between the population at risk for testosterone deficiency and the population at risk for PCa, and it is highly recommended that men receiving testosterone therapy be monitored at regular intervals for PCa."

Low libido in Women

For decades low doses of the hormone testosterone has been used in women with low libido. Professional associations such as the North American Menopause Society, the Australasian Menopause Society and the Endocrine Society  have well established guidelines for the use of testosterone in women. Lawley Australia has produced an information booklet called Understanding Low libido in Women which is explains in easy to understand terms this common problem experienced by many women. It is often the case that mismatched sexual desire between partners can be the cause of tension and stress within a relationship.

This information booklet offers options for managing low female libido, including where the use of the hormone testosterone may be appropriate.

The booklet can be downloaded by clicking on the link below

Low Libido in Women website

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