“Police brutality at Union Station bus terminal” looks different at length. Desmond Cole narrated a five-minute video he described as showing transit constables and police “assaulting a man they identified as having mental health issues." Joe Warmington, who watched a 90-minute video that shows the man “taking cash right out of women’s wallets,” “threatening sex acts” while panhandling, and kicking an officer's head, tells a different tale:

The mystery of the missing PC Optimum points. The merger of Loblaw loyalty rewards with ones from Shoppers Drug Mart has led to reports of points gone missing and at least one privacy violation. Now, it turns out some points were straight-up stolen: one guy found out his $650 credit was used by someone else to score two television sets.

Reading too much into the legal marijuana leaves. The calculated drabness of proposed Canadian cannabis packaging has been likened to bags of David’s Tea. But speaking on the verge of a vote upon which summer legalization hinges, Conservative senator Denise Batters expressed a difference of opinion. She thinks the THC stop sign was designed to be subliminally enticing:

DoFo Derangement Syndrome sustains the Toronto Star.Lessons for Doug Ford’s Ontario from Donald Trump’s America” is the kind of column Martin Regg Cohn might be regularly repeating, while colleague Bob Hepburn advocates strategic Liberal votes to beat the Ontario PCs. Meanwhile, any assumptions that Giorgio Mammoliti could get an instant hitch to Ford’s trailer have been dashed by locals in Brampton Centre. (Yesterday’s 12:36 mistakenly identified it as Brampton East.)

Fire and Fury is being doused. Michael Wolff’s book on Donald Trump was released two months ago to considerable demand, but amidst questions about his credibility—and even a book debunking his narrative, Fraud and Fiction—a book tour that was supposed to include a stop at Danforth Music Hall has been largely cancelled. Another notable Trump title is coming soon, via the same publisher behind a book about the vice president’s pet rabbit, as Conrad Black will aim this one at an American audience less accustomed to expensive words:

Barenaked Ladies reunion sounds middle-aged crazed. Steven Page engaged in a therapy session with the Globe and Mail about his former band’s Sunday induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. (Their performance at the Juno Awards may not be a one-off.) Page claims to have paid no attention to what BNL did without him—likening the idea to watching an ex-girlfriend’s sex tape:

OldTO seems like a reason not to endorse outsourcing to Silicon Valley. A closer look at the mapping of archival Toronto photos by aspiring data-lord Sidewalk Labs reveals plenty of basic errors that a geographically literate local could correct. But the informational influence of Alphabet seems unavoidable either way: Google is suddenly eager to throw more money at supporting journalism.

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The federal Competition Bureau, which is looking at a suspicious newspaper swap between Postmedia and Torstar, revealed it was internally given this code name.

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