Giorgio Mammoliti dares everyone in Toronto to vote against him. “DEMOCRACY DEAD AT CITY HALL,” shouted the city councillor, in a tweet accompanied by a photo of his muzzled mouth. While others accelerate the push for safer streets, Mammo remains confident that cars will triumph:

Doug Ford points the freeze gun at everyone. The premier-designate’s austerity order to ministries in the Ontario public service includes a command to cancel all print media subscriptions along with the online ones. Decisions like these are starting to rouse past DoFo foes like Adam Vaughan, who’s mulling a run for the provincial Liberal leadership.

TheRedPin couldn’t transform Toronto house-hunting into the next Tinder. The struggling digital real estate brokerage rebooted in winter, in the hopes that it could gradually teach machines to be smarter than real estate agents. But the company ended up going bankrupt instead, because of “a significant decline in sales.” The guy recruited to try and salvage TheRedPin partly blames an industry that remains resistant to technological change:

“Factoring was critical to my parents when they started the business that ended up being Honest Ed’s.” David Mirvish explains why he invested $3.2 million in financial technology firm FundThrough, which will give businesses cash advances based on the value of their invoices. The arts impresario relates it to his experience running a gallery from 1963 to 1978, when he sometimes sold his goods to people who took a year to pay off a painting.

Canada has one less dying mall. It took three years, but Mississauga Square One figured out how to replace Target: with Cineplex‘s Rec Room, an artisanal food court, and Uniqlo. Nonetheless, about 20 per cent of the vacated Targets across the country have yet to be leased to new tenants (to say nothing of all those vacated Sears stores). The future of many sites likely belongs to mixed use:

The boss will still see your weed in September. Despite all the hype about legalized recreational cannabis on Canada Day, pot czar Bill Blair now figures it’ll be legal by fall if legislation passes this week, meaning an entire summer of wafting concerns about potential effects in the workplace. The experts are sensing that it’s going to be a mess:

Yuk Yuk’s got a red card on the door because of rats. DineSafe inspectors found that the comedy club's kitchen had failed to prevent a “rodent infestation.” The discovery was unrelated to the club‘s weekend of stand-up from Jeremy Piven.

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Some residents of the Annex believe that the owner of a heritage house at 6 Walmer Road is letting the place deteriorate deliberately, so he can cash in on the land.

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