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With the anticipation of summer just around the corner, we couldn't help but reflect on all the fabulous events spring brought to The Meridian Club.  From unusually large guests, to sightings of our long time friend, and a surprise visit from a guest who simply fell out of the sky and stayed a while, it seems like Pine Cay is a destination of choice for all types of creatures. 

To celebrate the seaon, we are offering a special Romance Package. Come and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Beverly and Wally

Unusual "Guests" Make a Splash at The Meridian Club

Humpback whales off Pine Cay

What a fabulous surprise to see migrating humpbacks so close to Pine Cay.  Captured on video by a guest who was enjoying a fishing excursion, these beautiful mammals got up close and personal to provide a very memorable holiday experience.

Enjoy a brief escape to Pine Cay with this great footage...

A Wayward Traveler Finds Respite on Pine Cay

"Juan" the pigeon...

In late April, The Meridian Club was all aflutter with the unexpected arrival of a racing pigeon.  Not indegenous to the Turks & Caicos, this little fellow nicknamed "Juan" was traced all the way to a racing club in Puerto Rico.

Do you know what pigeons like to eat?  Find out here.

The Winning Streak Continues...

The Meridian Club couldn't be more pleased with the results of the Easter weekend Annual Kite Flying Competition.  Long time fishing charter guide, JR Delancey added another 2 trophies to his collection of 9 trophies amassed since 2010.  Taking the prize for Largest Kite and Smallest Kite in the 2013 event, this modern renaissance man is also an natural-born deep sea fisherman and an accomplished musician.

Find out JR's strategy to hold on to his title in the 2014 competition.

A Little Romance Goes a Long Way

Meridian Club Romance Package

The Meridian Club has crafted a special romance package for May, June and July.  Perfect for honeymoons, anniversaries, and other celebratory trips, this package includes champagne for a special welcome, a castaway picnic on a deserted island and a private dinner under the stars.

For 2013, The Meridian Club is also adding one-day use of a golf cart to travel around the island so that the lovebirds can discover private alcoves and bathing areas in their own island adventure.

Book your Romance Package today!

Pine Cay Project Does It Again!

On May 1st, Pine Cay Project announced a sciences grant to H.J. Robinson High School on Grand Turk.  The grant of $11,171 will help the high school obtain equipment for the science laboratory and improve students' knowledge and understanding of basic and advance science through tactile, hands-on learning activities.

Over the past 10 years, Pine Cay Project has awarded approximately $600,000 in grants to TCI schools, the TCI Community College, the Turks and Caicos National Museum, the Department of Environment and Maritime Affairs, and other organizations.

Learn more about the initiatives and projects supported by Pine Cay Project.

An Artificial Reef Revitalizes The Fragile Coral Ecoystem

Concreate reef ball

The Meridian Club and the Pine Cay Owners successfully implemented a reef ball project in late-2012, and snorkelers and divers can't seem to get enough of this thriving ecosystem.

Motivated into action to stem the influx of high volumes of saltwater contaminating the natural fresh water lens of Pine Cay, the owners of the island deployed 200, 500 lbs reef balls into damaged areas of the barrier reef. The delicate process of reef creation was completed in September 2012. 

Learn how to move a 500lb concrete ball and place it exactly where it needs to go.