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Materials and coatings for smart buildings

A scalable solution-based process for the production of powders and thin-films of thermochromic metal oxides.

Improving respiratory rate monitoring

A method to determine whether a waveform contains sufficient physiological information to estimate respiratory rate.

MOFs - Metal-organic frameworks

A synthetic protocol, which can access MOFs containing a range of guest species.

Dye free imaging technique

A novel technique for real-time visualisation of wave fronts in cardiac tissue cultures for the study of cardiotoxicity and arrhythmias.

The qubit coupler difference

Innovative circuit design that could be used as a building block for the next generation of quantum computers.

Assessing the quality of biotherapeutics

A technique to quantitatively assess the quality of glycosylated biotherapeutics.

Characterisation and control of materials

A device to characterise deformation of materials whilst using a scanning electron microscope.

Biomarker for ovarian cancer

Taipei Medical University researchers have identified a DNA methylation biomarker for cancer detection or patient stratification.