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July 2018

From snore to score: Learn how Sleep Number modernized their intranet with Go

The challenge: To design and launch an intranet reflective of Sleep Number’s high-tech, high-touch identity.

The outcome: “Our new intranet, called The Wink, modernizes the way we communicate. It significantly reduces emails sent, has become a visually rich news source, houses many documents and resources, and provides access to tools and other systems. It is also a place for team members to feel inspired by our company and culture.” Leah Guimond, Senior Manager, Communications, Sleep Number.

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Want to achieve a successful Office 365 rollout?

Spoiler alert, to achieve adoption and have a successful Office 365 rollout, you need to treat it as a change initiative. These are our five insights from our most successful digital workplace transformation projects:

  • Know your “why” and “why now?”
  • Conduct a readiness check, clarify stakeholders, and refresh your governance model
  • Consult, don’t just deploy 
  • Avoid a big-bang launch and instead, take an integrated and iterative approach to change
  • Build an engaged and empowered end-user community
about how to create a successful rollout plan

We believe a great intranet can create a better workplace

Go was crafted from Habanero’s experience helping organizations create better workplace experiences and build award-winning intranets. It offers a truly remarkable foundation on which you can deliver the ultimate digital workplace experience.

and learn how you can create a better workplace

Can your employees share external social content directly from your intranet?

If your employees are like ours, they are proud of the work they do and willing tell anyone who will listen. Once a week we look to harness that goodwill by asking folks to share content on social media. We used to do this via a company-wide email. Our amazing Go team has recently made external sharing on social media even easier—direct from our intranet—no email required!

about how your intranet can impact external brand perception

Employee experience design—making workplaces human-friendly

We are no longer the only people talking about employee experience design! Earlier this year Forbes published an article titled, 2018 Will Be the Year of Employee Experience. A Google search brings up a slew of recent news about employee experience as well as job postings with titles like employee experiences officer. Read on to understand what employee experience design is and why it should matter to your organization.

about the benefits of employee experience design

How to start an organizational purpose project

Watch this previously recorded webinar where Habanero President, Steven Fitzgerald, and Brian Edwards, director of products and services, discuss what it takes for an organization to start a successful purpose journey.

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Upcoming events

9 - 11
Aligning HR & internal communications to boost the employee experience
San Francisco

Join Habanero User Experience Consultant Meghan Armstrong and Barton Malow Content Manager Anna Cangialosi and learn how to use employee experience design principles in the session, Build an Intranet that Works as a Powerful Internal Communications Tool that Bridges the Gap between Communications, HR, and Senior Leadership.

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