Jordan Peterson is back to school with a bigger bank account. The psychology professor’s return to the University of Toronto classroom set the stage for a Toronto Star recap of his time spent protesting pronouns. Peterson's donations via Patreon now eclipse his teaching income, and he seems to think the money will help him subvert the university class system.

“There’s been times in my life that I’ve taken the wrong path to get to the right place.” Chris Spence—the former TDSB director who lost his job when it was discovered that he'd plagiarized a bunch of things, including newspaper articles, books and his PhD dissertation—turned up on Metro Morning to appeal for forgiveness ahead of a U of T ruling on whether he can keep the degree.

Dairy Farmers of Canada are trying to come off as less cartoonish in the time of Trump. CBC News spent the weekend pushing a story about the advocacy group dumping its cow caricature because it “wasn’t professional enough.” While the change was unveiled months ago, there’s now an air of urgency to the PR push, because the American dairy lobby is arguing that Canada’s protectionist tactics should be challenged at the World Trade Organization. (Counterpoint: “Could Trump save the Canadian dairy industry?”)

Prince gave his ex-wife one of their houses—and demolished the other. The unsealing of Prince's divorce records, contrary to the wishes of his ex-wife, Manuela Testolini, confirmed that she kept their Toronto Bridle Path home. But another house they shared, in Chanhassen, Minnesota, was torn down by Prince in 2010. Aside from the real estate stuff, the documents detail an indulgent lifestyle. (Even so, Testolini is using her spotlight to stick up for Prince's charitable legacy.)

Meghan Markle has now met the niece. Princess Charlotte and her mom, Kate Middleton, were graced by the presence of Prince Harry’s girlfriend, raising speculation that the days of seeing the Suits star walking to Toronto yoga classes with her mom are on the wane—especially now that the Queen has been found alive. Meanwhile, her half-brother would best be sent somewhere to dry out.

Bruce Kirkland exits the newspaper stage. The movie writer reflects upon just how has much changed since the days when one-time boss Barbara Amiel dubbed him “the resident pinko film critic of the Toronto Sun.” In his farewell piece, Krikland talks about how the Sun job took him to the Cannes Film Festival 31 times, before Postmedia ownership came along.

Rocketship 7: The Motion Picture. David Boreanaz Jr.'s dad, who was called Dave Thomas on camera in Buffalo, was big with southern Ontario kids as the host of the morning cartoon cavalcade on WKBW-TV from 1962 to 1978. Now, the younger Boreanaz says he’s eager to get back to work on a script about his dad's experience. (Rocketship 7 was name-dropped in a 2010 episode of Bones, where Boreanaz's character winked that he was a fan growing up.)

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Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch said she had this many after her name, in response to an article where she was quoted claiming there were actually 22.

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