The Ideation Project response doesn’t do much to help Ghomeshi's search results. Reaction to Jian Ghomeshi’s new venture went as expected: a flurry of outrage—some of it from past accusers—and reviews wondering why the project's debut avoided any contrition. Ghomeshi's pursuit of partners had apparently been going on for a while:

Recreational marijuana bill to be tabled Thursday. The federal government is ready to present its initial legislative package. But pot czar Bill Blair is firm about not letting the implementation get in the way of the next Canada Day. Nonetheless, the dispensary raids have continued, to the disdain of their growing customer base.

A new world of knock-offs dawns at Dollarama. Maclean’s took inventory of the growing number of items with less-than-coincidental resemblances to familiar brands. (Meteor chocolate bars have long been the subject of fascination for their Mars-like properties.) The bigger irony is that Dollarama once legally challenged a competitor for having a logo too close to theirs.

Gay Zombies Cannabis Consumers Association lawsuit tossed by annoyed judge. A $104-million class action against an anti-gay group that crashed the last Pride parade won’t go ahead, but anti-gay activist Bill Whatcott still has to identify the others who were pamphleteering. The judge's decision chastised those who filed the suit—including one-time mayoral candidate George Smitherman.

Richard Florida’s lament for “winner-take-all urbanism.” The New Urban Crisis, a new book in which Florida walks back his unbridled enthusiasm for the creative class, is out today with a message about inequality in Toronto. For the NPR listeners, though, he spins it as needing to find ways to work around Donald Trump. In other venues, Florida has said the new book was influenced by Rob Ford:

The death of the last big symbol of the ‘80s Eaton Centre. While a replacement for the oft-leaky tube connecting the mall to the former Simpsons store had been discussed for years, only now is construction of the new skybridge is about to begin, with etched bronze replacing its aluminum aura. The old one once tried to pass for dazzling:

Zanzibar Tavern screen now has a higher thread count. Flashing videos of scantily-clad women and Rolls Royce hub cabs on a TV outside the strip club were recently quashed by bylaw enforcement. Now, they've been replaced by a static shot of white bedding. (Also, yesterday’s 12:36 misstated the intersection of Zanzibar's rival, Filmores Hotel, which is a block east of Dundas and Jarvis.)

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The federal government will announce new legislation this spring that addresses customers being bumped from flights, United Airlines-style.

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