The American Psychological Association have released a set of guidelines to help psychologists work with men and boys. The verdict? Traditional masculinity is, on the whole, harmful. While men report less depression than women, they commit suicide at far higher rates. The NY Times has more.


Evernote published a monster collection of design resources last week. If you're in the mood to test your skills or simply procrastinate, find out what kind of designer you are here or test your attention to detail here


No, we’re not talking about Trump’s unnecessary spending or fear mongering. Reichelt argues that walls in the office are – surprise! – a good thing, and we agree. The tangible element encourages collaboration, ideas and communication. Plus, it’s always nice to see what other teams are up to, right?


These days there’s a podcast for everything: cryptozoology, working smarter, modern love, the forgotten history of Hollywood – the list goes on. How do you choose in this crazy crowd of content? Wilson, a podcast magazine, is the answer – they curate and release a culturally relevant issue each week. JM faves include LGBTQTS, Other Creative Process and In Remembrance.


Twitter is a goldmine for tech shade, world-class memes and reminding ourselves that yes, this is the world we are living in. Like most, we dig a decent thread and wanted to share a few that recently caught our attention.


A drone that sends medical supplies to where they’re needed most? Check. A robot that helps with isolation? Check. The latest features on Design of the World are two great examples of tech being used for good.

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