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Freixenet Prosecco DOC

The ‘bling bottle’ full of bubbles is back baby! It’s the only bottle that sparkles just as much as the delicious wine inside and is so pretty it could be an ornament for the tree. You may need to empty the bottle before attempting that though. Yes, after making quite a splash last year, Freixenet Prosecco is back, and this year it won’t be disappearing after the holidays. It will be around all year to make any night bling!

Tasting Notes: Made of 100% Glera (the grape used to make prosecco), Freixenet Prosecco dances across your palate with lively bubbles and notes of fresh lemon, grapefruit, apple and light floral touches with a fresh finish.

Enjoy With: Prosciutto and other fatty cured meats as well as dishes with cream sauces, creamy cheeses, seafood, and spicy Asian dishes.  It’s a versatile food wine.

Style: A light, fruity sparkling wine with just a touch of sweetness.

Terroir/Region: Veneto is the northern Italian home of prosecco, with the hilly region between the towns of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene being the beating heart of the region. Here the rolling hills create great sun exposure for the Glera grapes as they ripen, and cool breezes help promote the acidity that is so important to making a fresh, balanced prosecco.

Producer: When the number one sparkling wine producer in the world decides to make a prosecco, it doesn’t fool around. Freixenet sourced some of the finest grapes in the Veneto region to make a high-quality prosecco which gives a nod to the traditional method and style while showcasing the Freixenet winemaking team’s skill in making sparkling wine.

Availability: Freixenet Prosecco is on shelf at your local LCBO in the sparkling wine section. There is also a 200ml bottle for stockings and rose sparkling in 750ml and 200ml ‘bling bottles’, but they’re only around for the holidays!

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Price: $19.95

LCBO#: #12023

Size: 750mL

Alcohol Content: 11% alc./vol.