Paul Bliss has filed his last dispatch from Queen’s Park. Bell Media confirmed the departure of its veteran reporter, who was suspended after former CTV staffer Bridget Brown shared a story about alleged sexual misconduct by an unnamed former colleague. But she expressed disappointment with the way the network handled her disclosure:

“This is serious and we do not take it lightly.” A drawing of a black outline of a nude woman on a green Islamic prayer mat raised the alarm of the Muslim Student Association at OCAD. For now, the work has been removed, with an apology note, although the artist—who removed her name amidst social media criticism—can have it reinstalled if she adds a statement explaining her motivations.

The infinite lineup to see Infinity Mirrors. Yayoi Kusama’s selfie-friendly exhibit has proven so popular that there are apparently now ticket scams—contributing to an AGO phenomenon not seen since King Tut in 1979. But back then, no one imagined the concept of internet queues that showed how many others thirsted for admission:

Bruce McArthur was interviewed by police years before his arrest. The Globe and Mail found out that the alleged serial killer was questioned in 2013 about three missing men from the Gay Village. The Toronto Star says McArthur was questioned in 2014. Meanwhile, police have received dozens of tips after releasing a photo of a man presumed to be McArthur's seventh victim. Global News interviewed a man who described a sexual encounter with McArthur that ended in "a kill position."

Sidewalk Toronto isn’t into sharing every article about itself. Ahead of its first public roundtable, the Google offshoot is having more of its motivations questioned, even as it affirms that it doesn’t have a data-sharing deal with its corporate parent. Sidewalk would rather focus on potential sunny ways:

Donald Sutherland brings all the drama in a Q&A. The Leisure Seeker, a movie that reunites Sutherland with Helen Mirren for the first time since Bethune, was an excuse for him to give a candid interview on topics like visiting the bridge where a friend committed suicide in Toronto—only to see a woman jump from it. Also, he offers a very explicit clarification on some 1973 on-screen intimacy that was long presumed to be the real deal:

The mayor who’s no longer allowed to do most of his job. Justin Altmann was removed from his role in Stouffville in everything but title after his failure to apologize to staff for that weird bathroom wall. But he's still the mayor—one with his very own chain—who's now getting ready to host an annual dinner.

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A woman who cut her hand while banging on the window at a Jordan Peterson lecture at Queen's University was found to be carrying one of these.

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