“At home when branch falls across my lane way I take out my chainsaw and then stack the firewood. In Toronto a day later the road remains closed while they wait for govt.” MPP Randy Hillier tweeted a pic of a fallen bough, in a display of individualist bravado. But Twitter users pointed out that a downed power line was probably the cause of the delay. Hillier claimed he was simply making a point. In any case, the offending wood was removed:

Liberals lose at Trumping up Doug Ford. A now-deleted tweet that claimed the Ontario PC leader once said he “loves the blacks” resulted in an apology from Kathleen Wynne’s meme team—which concedes it has enough non-fake fodder from other quotes. The incident may dissuade Liberal party communicators from seeking every last angle that could possibly frame DoFo as the new Donald. And yet, the premier herself can't seem to stop.

Charity, Perpetuation of Perfection continues a stand-off against a tall order. Recent wind storms were a likely factor in a stainless steel leaf falling off the chrome cow statue in Cathedraltown. (The incident alarmed the resident who shouted loudest about having the statue moved.) The shiny stilted bovine's relocation has yet to happen, despite a Markham city council decision last fall. And now, the statue's presumed owner, Helen Roman-Barber, is taking action to keep Charity in place:

Time keeps on ticking away for Tim Hortons. The offices of Restaurant Brands International will be moving from Oakville, the Tims HQ since 1964, to downtown Toronto in an effort to modernize the company's operations. RBI's ongoing battle with Tim Hortons franchisees has now been further aggravated by product delivery delays. Meanwhile, marketing for the beleaguered brand has turned to a musical ode to coffee bean farmers.

Giant Tiger swallowed the legacy of Bargain Harold’s and BiWay. The growth of the Ottawa-based discounter is considered by Canadian curio expert JC Villamere, who analyzes how what looks like a disoriented retailer of random junk has ended up with more staying power than Sears:

Margaret Wente makes it to the tarnished silver screen. In less time than it takes some articles to be written, Barry Avrich produced an entire film inspired by his own failure to acknowledge Harvey Weinstein’s reputation in a previous documentary. The Hot Docs festival will debut Avrich's new film, which features a certain Globe and Mail columnist among other pundits who ponder The Reckoning.

Rick Moranis made Michael McDonald think he was having a psychotic breakdown. Martin Scorsese's SCTV tribute plans inspired writer Matt Wardlaw to ask the former Doobie Brothers frontman if he ever saw the sketch in which Moranis mocked his husky voice. McDonald not only watched when it first aired on NBC, he did so while addled by some “crazy ganja,” prompting a perplexed reaction which led the singer to question all of his life choices.

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The plan to keep each Ontario Cannabis Store this far away from any school might prove impossible, given how many schools there are.

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