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The Big C: a Weighty Issue

When you ask people what causes cancer, you're more likely to get answers like 'mobile phone towers' and 'stress', than well-documented causes, like alcohol and carrying excess weight.

In a recent LiveLighter survey, only half the participants knew about the link between overweight and cancer - compared to heart disease and type 2 diabetes where knowledge of the link sits at about 90%.

This is a big deal. It's estimated that in 2010, almost 4000 cancer cases were caused by excess body fat.

This month, LiveLighter is running a mini-campaign to raise awareness of this link. The feature infographic is downloadable, and health professionals in Western Australia can order hard copies.



Body fat and cancer

While the link between a high BMI and increased rates of cancer are clear, not all the mechanisms are fully understood. You can read more about the science behind body fat and cancer in our latest blog.






How to reduce your risk

Reduce your cancer risk

The new landing page is the hub for all of our cancer resources. It includes practical information about assessing risk and making small changes. We've also got a blog with more tips to reduce your risk. Spoiler alert: there's no weird exercises or herbal extracts. Just the same advice that reduces our risk of a range of other chronic diseases.





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Where can I get more information?

For more information about how to prevent 1 in 3 cancers, visit the national Cancer Council page. The World Cancer Research Fund also has lifestyle recomendations to reduce cancer risk.

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