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Junk food: Treats taking over our every day

It's hard not to be tempted.  Discretionary or 'junk' food used to be an occassional treat, yet 95% of Australians are eating too much of it. How much are you consuming?

As the end of the year draws nearer, the junk food temptation can be hard to beat, yet with a little planning, preparation and purpose, saying no to junk can be easier than you think.  Visit #nojunknovember for inspiration.

In this edition we check out the Shape of Australia survey results, cater with health in mind and help you avoid getting 'sucked in'.

LL Chicken Nuggets

Creamy Pasta

Love a tuna mornay?
You'll love this creamy dish.

LL Chicken Nuggets

LL Chicken Nuggets

4 ingredient nuggets = Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Burgers 3-2-1

Burgers 3-2-1

Forget the takeaway - The best juicy burgers are made at home 

Shape of Australia Snapshot

LiveLighter's Shape of Australia Survey results revealed

Our recent Shape of Australia survey shows that while Australian Adults are inspired to get healthy, life is getting in the way.

Analysing the health, nutrition and physical activity of over 2,000 Australians the new data reveals our healthy (and not so healthy) habits.  

Catering to avoid a post-lunch slump!

Catering 101

Whether it’s the race that stops a nation, or the traditional end of year gathering, work and home events with healthier food in focus can be easy (and fun) with a little planning and creativity.

Nutritionist Jen shares her top tips to help you on your merry way - 'Action Stations' anyone?

Sugary Drinks: Don't be sucked in

Don't be sucked in

It's getting warm out there. Cheap frozen sugary drinks are tempting but what you can't see is the amount of sugar they contain.

Sugar can cause toxic fat around your vital organs and lead to cancer, fatty liver disease, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. We will be running our #dontbesuckedin campaign over summer. Watch this space.

Until next time,

LiveLighter Team


Supported by Government of Western Australia - Department of Health, Heart Foundation and Cancer Council of Western Australia