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The Digital Classroom

Dataseam’s newest summer training is a two-day, hands-on workshop empowering educators through the process of developing digital media classroom projects. 

As teachers develop their student growth goals for the Professional Growth and Evaluation System (PGES) this is an excellent opportunity to sharpen skills with digital tools that transform classrooms into places where content comes to life and learning becomes relevant and exciting for students who are digital natives.

Participants in the Dataseam training create and manage a multimedia lesson plan. From assignment, storyboarding, production, final editing, and project sharing, teachers learn to employ a variety of digital tools to their lesson plans. The project-based learning environment connects directly with instruction based in the Common Core standards.  

Participants jump right in to the material, and begin creating a multimedia project for classroom and student use.  Instructors encourage group feedback, insights, and help to translate the various projects into different subjects and grades. 

From Daviess County to Pikeville, 240 teachers are participating in a great summer of learning and earning nearly 500 computer workstations for their schools.

Digital Learning Expanding in Harlan Independent Schools

Harlan Independent Schools Superintendent Charles Morton, Senator Johnny Ray Turner, Frank Schope, Britt Lawson III, and Dataseam CEO Brian Gupton.

Senator Johnny Ray Turner and Dataseam CEO Brian Gupton visited the Harlan Independent Schools in May to announce that digital learning opportunities are expanding for Harlan Independent students with arrival of new technology that is part of the district’s participation in the Dataseam program.

 “Dataseam helps school districts in Kentucky’s coalfields keep pace with technology available to our students. Other districts often have more local resources to invest in digital tools for learning than we do in east Kentucky. Dataseam drives opportunity for our students with computers and helps us raise the bar on our ability to use technology in instruction,” Senator Turner said.