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Sunday Social: Come along this weekend for an enjoyable afternoon

Hi Everyone,

What a great weekend we’ve just had. Sunday Social Tennis was very well attended and we had a chance to trial a computer program for scheduling matches.

If you are not familiar with Sunday Social, its available for any adult member who can play (hitting the ball over the net and serving is a minimum). We have all ages, genders and stages playing doubles.  The system mixes everyone up and each set lasts 30 minutes to ensure we all get to play against as many others as possible.
Players start arriving around 1.00pm and the last set starts between 4:00 - 4:30pm. Please come and join us, and if you can, bring a friend with you. If not come by yourself. We will put you into a four. It’s good for your health and a nice way to meet and socialise with club members.

For anyone interested in looking at the software, it is free to download. It works on Windows and not Mac.

Regards Ralph

Ralph Muir-Morris

Don't forget to submit your Application for JUNIOR and SENIOR (adult) weekend competition - due next week

See the following link to our website for more information, and closing dates: