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Tennis Club re-opening - Update

As you are aware our Premier is making his annoucement on Sunday with regards to Step 2 lockdown changes.  Tennis Victoria have been working furiously behind the scenes with Sport & Recreation Victoria, and DHHS, to allow tennis to resume asap.  We are very hopeful we will be back on court next week sometime, but as always, we must wait for official notification before we can re-open. It will most likely be the same '10 patrons only' rules we were under prior to this lockdown.

As history shows, the Premier announces certain details on Sunday and then the relevant Departments must provide exact information for each sector - including Sports. We must wait for this confirmation before opening the Club. We would think Tuesday would be the very earliest, BUT please don't turn up at the Club until you hear from us (this will include the new rules required).

At the Club we are working extremely hard to have everything ready to go.  Please be patient with us if things don't run smoothly from the minute the front gate is open.

We hope our new Court Booking System works well, and when it is 'live' we will advise everyone on how it works etc. We may not be able to have this set to go from day one as we need to know the conditions first (including how many courts / curfew times if applicable, etc).

Annual Subs have been sent via ClubSpark

Everyone should have received an email from us regarding their Annual Subs, sent on 22 September 2020.  If you did not receive this please check your Junk/Spam/Social boxes - the address & subject are:

From: East Malvern Tennis Club <>
Subject: 2020-21 XX Membership at East Malvern Tennis Club

This email explains the new system and gives you a personal link to click and set up your account and pay your membership. If you are paying your memberhsip via ClubSpark you must use this link to do this.

Please ensure you mark this email address as 'safe' in your mailbox as we will be using this to contact you regarding certain things happening at the Club.

Please note - you do not need a ClubSpark account to receive these emails.  You only need an account if you want to make Court Bookings, pay your membership online, or use other services offered.

EMTC COMPETITIONS UPDATE as at 25 September 2020..

We have further updates from our competition Associations.

Please read the relevant information below with regards to the Competition you normally play in, and watch out for future emails with Nomination details & deadlines (if applicable).

SENIOR & JUNIOR Weekend Comp:
All Associations (WDTA, BRTA & ERT) are still preparing for a Summer 2020-21 season, with finals to be played mid to late March 2021.

BRTA - Teams have been Nominated.
ERT - Details re Nominatons coming soon.
They were having a meeting this week to re-assess this and we will advise you once we hear from them.

WDTA Night Comp:
As at 15 Sept 2020 - WDTA were still hoping for a shortened "Spring Season", starting early November and a Grand Final only on the week commencing 14th December.  They were having a meeting this week to re-assess this and we will advise you once we hear from them.

BDNTA Night Comp:
As at 20 Sept 2020 - Dom has decided to abandon any competition plans for the remainder of this year.  Instead he will focus on a full 2021 Autumn season (Feb - June 2021). He will be calling for nominations late October with a due date mid November. You will receive a separate email regarding this.

MIDWEEK Ladies Comp:

WDTA - As at 14 Sept 2020 Season 2 for 2020 has been cancelled.  They are hoping to run a full Season 1 - 2021 (Feb - June).  We will keep you informed.

MEMRLTA - As at 18 Aug 2020 the Committee are still planning for the Summer 20/21 season to commence early November.  It will be an 8 team draw with full 14 rounds & 2 finals weeks (with backup plans if this is not possible).

EDWTA -  As at 11 Sept 2020 they are still hoping to have some sort of Season 2, starting as soon as allowed.