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Wishing you peace and joy

All of us here at Looney Labs would like to thank you for another year of fun and friendship. As we have for the last 36 years straight, we will again be giving our friends and family a holiday gift. It will be a digital gift this year, but it's not quite ready yet. We'll be putting a link in our December newsletter, and we hope you have tons of fun with it!

Until then we'd love it if you'd consider gifting some of our games this holiday season and/or telling your friends about our inexpensive products that give long past the New Year. As with many businesses this year, we are struggling to make ends meet, and would appreciate any boost in sales you can send our way. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The Stockings Were Hung By The Fire...

We released three expansion packs last July that can be used in any Fluxx game. These make great stocking stuffers for Fluxx fans, because you don't need to know which games they own... the More Packs work in all of them! And it's just fine if they get three or four sets of them, because they can put them in different decks!

We've also got lots of $1 promo cards, quite a few $5 expansion packs, and even a $2 game called Are You the Robot. All of these items will fit in any size stocking. And while you're at it, why not add a Holiday Fluxx?

For All You History Buffs

Another new-this-year item is Missing Artifacts, an expansion pack for Chrononauts and/or Early American Chrononauts. This was the first expansion for this set in over a decade, and it's filled with lots of fun new artifacts, gadgets, and missions. Be sure to check out the past expansion packs and promo cards for the Chrononauts system as well.

If you're a mythology afficionado, you're sure to love both Olympus Fluxx and Olympus Loonacy, which released earlier this year as well. With amazing artwork by Echo Chernik, you'll find all your favorite stories and characters from Greek and Roman mythology.

And don't forget Time Breaker, a fun romp through all of time (past, present, and future) trying to catch a chrono-criminal who is breaking the time line!

For Cindy Lou Who

You may think we don't have anything suitable for the tiniest beings in your life, but we've got you covered!

We have three different versions of Loonacy, a matching game for five and up. And you can even make them a custom deck with pictures of their family and favorite things for just $10 at The Game Crafter!

Yes, we can go younger... Aquarius is a tiling game with adorable artwork and preschool rules that go down to three years old!

Can we go younger? Yes, we can! Our updated version of our Happy Flowers are now safe for even infants! Great for teething, or wrapping around a crib or stroller bar.

There you have it... we truly have something for all ages!

Ja! Oui! ¡Sí! はい!      כן!

It's not just the littles in your life that may be learning to talk. We're looking at you, DuoLingo fans! There is no better way to practice your language skills than in real-life context, and our foreign language versions of our games are just the ticket.

Our games have been translated into 17 different languages to date. No, not Klingon yet, but we're still hoping! 

And you can add both fun and vocabulary you're working on by using Fluxx Blanxx to create new Keepers, Goals, New Rules, and Actions!

For DIYers and Game Designers

If you like to dabble in the creative pursuit of designing your own games, or just want to tweak what we've made to make it a little better, then you need our DIY products.

To get your feet wet, you can add new Characters, Settings, Problems, and Resolutions to your Nanofictionary deck with Nano Blanks. Or add new cards to your favorite Fluxx deck with Fluxx Blanxx. Buy several copies of the Blanxx and you can create an entire custom deck!

A bit more of a design challenge might be to adapt your favorite games for standard playing cards to fit the Zark City playing card deck (a standard deck but with a fifth suit--stars). You'd be surprised how classics change when you add a suit!

Want to create a game from scratch? Then you'll want some Looney Pyramids. Any of our four boxed sets will do, but we recommend Ice Duo as a good starting set. These pyramids have a 30+ year history of inspiring game designers, and fans have created over 500 games using this system to date.

Home Sweet Home

These next suggestions are for those folks who love curling up in their footsie pajamas with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa. We've got some game suggestions for you! How about a version of Loonacy with artwork by the Queen of Cute, Mary Engelbreit? Or maybe indulge in some no-calorie sweets with a game of Just Desserts. Or enjoy the holidays fully with Holiday Fluxx.

Games not your thing? That's OK. We've got a beautiful Peace Puzzle for you to put together, a collectible pin, and plush Happy Flowers to brighten your spaces.

And if you feel like doing a little coloring, you might want to decorate a Bigger Blanker Box or use fabric paints on a Chessboard Bandana!

Party Games for New Year's Eve!

Are you excited to finally be able to carefully gather with friends again? We've got some great party games for New Year's Eve or any gathering!

Choose One is a great way to get to know new friends and old a little better. You may not even know whether your spouse prefers Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck... but you will by the end of the evening!

Prefer something a little more zany? Both our all-ages and our adult versions of Mad Libs: The Game will fit the bill nicely. You can't help but laugh at the crazy sentences you'll create.

On Santa's Naughty List?

Since we've already mentioned Adult Mad Libs: The Game, we might as well tell you about all the games we've got just for the over-21 crowd. Adult Mad Libs is silly, sexy fun that's just the right amount of embarrassing that you wouldn't want to play it with your parents or kids, but will laugh all night long with your friends!

Or how about some Drinking Fluxx, complete with spill-proof plastic playing cards? (Alcohol not required... equally fun with cranberry juice spritzers or any other festive beverage.)

Or maybe cannabis is more your speed? We've got both Stoner Fluxx and Stoner Loonacy to play during mellow moments. (Again, no drugs required... equally fun fully sober.) Too stoned to play a game right now? Try enjoying the photographs in Andy's coffee table book about the Amesterdam Coffeeshops.

Licenses Galore!

My goodness, do we have a lot of licensed products right now! No matter what kind of nerd or geek you are, we're guessing we've got an IP that you would enjoy.

For the young-at-heart, we've got SpongeBob Fluxx, Mary Engelbreit's Fairy Tale Fluxx, and Mad Libs: The Game. Moving up to the teen and tween crowd, how about Marvel Fluxx or Jumanji Fluxx? Old enough for something more? Give Monty Python Fluxx or Doctor Who Fluxx a try. And for any generation of Star Trek fans, we've got a Fluxx for you... or better yet, try the masterpiece that is Chrono-Trek, spanning much of the Star Trek universe!

From Screen to Kitchen Table

Have you given online board gaming a try yet? We particularly love Board Game Arena. It has kept our weekly game night going for the last three years of Covid restrictions, and it has really grown in those three years!

For those of you who have fallen in love with our line-up of BGA games, why not get the at-home version? You may have tried Just Desserts (over 300,000 plays on BGA!), Fluxx 5.0, Star Fluxx, Get the MacGuffin, or Homeworlds.

And as a special reminder for all those who have always wanted to try Homeworlds, our most strategic game, but haven't had folks to play with, BGA has got you covered. You'll find a whole community of opponents, most of whom are ready and willing to patiently teach a newcomer how to play.

I Love To Laugh!

Looking for some truly laugh-out-loud good times with good friends? Some of our most beloved Fluxxes are the ones that get the best laughs. Like Monty Python Fluxx. You just can't go wrong with Monty Python.

Our spoof versions are also great for a laugh. The first of this line was Star Fluxx, a spoof of sci fi shows such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Doctor Who, Lost in Space, and Hitchhiker's Guide. 

Then came Martian Fluxx, spoofing all those alien invasions such as War of the Worlds, Men in Black, and the Tripod Trilogy. You play the aliens who have come to destroy the Pathetic Humans and rule the world!

Next up came Monster Fluxx. This one plays on all things spooky. It's got vampires, ghosts, skeletons, werewolves, witches, zombies, mummies, and Frankenstein's monster. But the game plays as one big spoof of these things, with references to Scooby Doo and the Monster Mash, and tongue-in-cheek allusions to "bats in the belfry" and "skeletons in the closet."

Most recently, we've added Fantasy Fluxx, which spoofs on Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Princess Bride, Game of Thrones, King Arthur, and even Dungeons & Dragons, How to Train a Dragon, Aspirin's Myth series, and McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern series. This one may be our best spoof yet!


Looking for something for the scientist in your life? Our science series are great introductions to their respective fields, while also being tons of fun. Whether you choose Anatomy Fluxx, Astronomy Fluxx, Chemistry Fluxx, or Nature Fluxx, you're sure to learn a little and laugh a lot.

Or if you'd like to brush up on your basic operations, give Math Fluxx a try!

We hope this gift guide has helped you fill in some holes in your shopping list! But where can you find these games, you ask?

We are in more stores than ever before this season! You'll find some subset of Looney Labs games in nearly all of your locally owned game and toy stores, as well as many book and education stores, and we encourage you to support these small businesses whenever possible.

You'll also find a smattering of Looney Labs titles in a few chain stores, such as Meijer grocery stores, Barnes & Noble, Kohl's, and Books-A-Million.

Of course, you can always order from us directly or from many other specialty stores via Shopify or the Shop app.

And if timing is tight, you'll find that Amazon can get some games to you in record time.

Thanks for giving our games as gifts this holiday season!