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Welcome to Bumpkins!

Firstly, Liz would like to say a big Thank You for making her feel so welcome during her first full week at Bumpkins!

She's thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all and she always has an open door if you have any queries or concerns at any time.

The summer term is almost through, and this year as every year it always seems like the busiest time as we prepare our oldest children for their move up to school.

All the children have been enjoying their outdoor space, much of which was created and extensively improved last summer. 

And what a summer we have had to enjoy it!  

The Bumpkins Big Dig - Thank you!

A BIG thank you to all our wonderful parents, children, staff and volunteers who joined us on the Pre-School field for our BIG Dig on a very hot and sunny June day...   Just look at what we achieved for the children to enjoy!

And in our Nursery Gardens too

It's not just our Pre-School Nature Rangers field that is full of outdoor activities.  We have plenty of outdoor space for all the children to enjoy and explore.

What Do Our Room Names Mean

Is your child a Caterpillar, Ladybird, Bumblebee, Butterfly, Grasshopper or Dragonfly?
Our rooms at Bumpkins are inspired by the great outdoors!

You can read more about our rooms and the activities your children take part in and our daily routines on our website.

Meanwhile, this is what your children have been up to recently...


Babies: Caterpillars and Ladybirds

Our Caterpillars and Ladybirds in the baby room have been exploring heuristic items that are not traditionally toys.  Heuristic play was a term coined by a child psychologist Elinor Goldschmeid in the early 1980's, and describes the activity of babies and children as they play with and explore the properties of 'objects'. These 'objects' are things from the real world.  

They have been collecting items for their treasure baskets and created several different theme baskets including wooden items, metals, hoops, sensory bags/balls and black and white items.

If you have any items to donate or have any suggestions please talk with the staff in the baby room.

Toddlers: Bumblebees

Our busy Bumblebees have been working on new displays and have made an underwater display using their hands to create fish and jelly fish

They have also changed their nappy changing display which is now ‘once I caught a fish alive’ which inspires plenty of song (and a little counting too!)

They have been exploring their new pirate ship and are introducing pirate ship dressing up.

They've also been creating an interactive head, shoulder, knees and toes board where children will be able to move parts of the display to help them identify parts of the body.

Bee Bee, their holiday bumble bee, has been busy these past few weeks and Bumblebees have enjoyed sharing their stories and pictures of Bee on holiday with their peers. The children are able to take Bee Bee on their holiday adventures and bring in pictures to share with their friends
If you would like to take Bee Bee on your next holiday please see the calendar for available dates in the library outside the Bumblebee room.

Toddlers: Butterflies

The World Cup might be over for us, but the Butterflies are currently looking at different countries and cultures, exploring flags and foods of other countries.  They have continued this theme into their literature activities focussing on the story of the Hungry Caterpillar and looking at foods and their effects on our bodies.

They are looking into setting up a nature table which will allow the children to explore natural materials.

They are also collecting recycling for their junk model making for the week for their space topic.

Lastly, can our Butterflies children please bring in slippers, as well as sun hats (see note below) thank you.

Pre-School: Dragonflies and Grasshoppers

Our Dragonflies and Grasshoppers have been working outside together and creating a water station with water tags and a display to promote independence.

As they prepare for greater independence, they have started working on putting their own shoes when they are free-flow moving out into the garden to explore.

Over the coming weeks they will continue to discuss emotions and body parts.


My Road to School

It is the time of year again when we prepare to see our next group of children as they spread their wings and move on to school! Activities to prepare them for school include self-registration, managing their feelings, teacher visits and managing self-care.  My Road to School details their journey as they prepare for school.

In the kitchen

Thank you for your feedback for our kitchen team!

Our chef, Lucy, has been using your feedback to develop the menus and tailor her cooking activities to the interests and preferences of the children.

She has devised a series of questions and you'll find a new one every few weeks on the board near the kitchen.

The current question focusses on snack time, please take a look and provide your feedback, it will help us improve and develop.

Just a little ask...

Please can you ensure that the door is closed behind you when you come in or leave Nursery please, for safety issues.

Also just a reminder to ensure that your children are collected and dropped off during their arranged session times please to prevent incurring our late collection fees.

Pre-School Sports Day

Our Pre-School Sports Day takes place on Thursday 2nd August.

We'll have scooter relays, obstacle courses, running races and of course the most popular event of all, the Mum and Dad’s Race!

And of course we always end the day with a well-earned ice cream.

Look out for notices around the Pre-School and do let us know if you can attend.

Top Toddler Tips to Keep Your Child Busy

We know how tricky it can be to find new (and free!) activities to do with young children. We are building up quite a large selection now of Toddler Tips on our website, full of fun and free creative ideas for you to enjoy with your children!

Take a look at our Toddler Tips


Ark Farm Comes to Visit

Ark Farm Limited will be visiting the Main Nursery on 27th September, when they will be bringing along smaller animals for the children to enjoy.

We will confirm the times nearer the time so keep an eye out for the notices in the lobby.  There will also be an allocated time for parents to drop in with other/older children.

Hats & Sunscreen

We've been enjoying quite a summer so far!  The children are able to get outside every day and our outdoor areas offer plenty of shade for your children to play in.

Remember to bring in named hats and sunscreen (less than a year old) for your child to allow us to keep them safe in the sun.

You can read more about keeping babies and small children cool this summer here   

The Bumpkins Team