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You say you want more? You got it!

We've got more for you... More Actions, More Rules, and More Surprises!

Each of these expansions packs are designed to work in ANY and EVERY version of Fluxx. You can put them all into one deck (or every deck, if overkill is your thing) or you can also mix and match. Throw a different card or two or three into each deck you own. The beauty is that, with the More Packs, there's no such thing as too much. You can always use more!

So what are in these packs, you ask?

More Actions contains 10 of our favorite wacky Actions from a variety of past Fluxx decks, such as Rewind, Press Your Luck, and Pandora's Box.

More Rules contains 10 of our favorite New Rules from various versions of Fluxx, including Composting, Future Vision, and Let's Keep Doing That! In addition, it's got 3 new Meta-Rules... two to change the game end conditions, and one to help move things along when combining decks.

More Surprises has the standard 4, plus 4 others that have only been seen rarely like Not My Problem and Skullduggery, plus 2 more all-new Surprises! So for those of you who wish every Fluxx deck had Surprises... Surprise! Now they can!

These packs make great gifts for Fluxx fans because the only problem with getting a Fluxx fan another Fluxx is that it's hard to know what they already have. These packs will complement any game they already own, and if every one of their friends gets them a pack for their birthday, GREAT! More is better!

These packs release this Thursday, 7/7, and are available to order in our Shopify store as of today!

In addition to the More Packs that are available at your local game store this week (or in our Shopify store), we've got a few more fun additions you can pick up!

First off are a pair of dessert cards for Just Desserts. For full details about why we made these cards, you can read Andy's blog entry that's all about it. Here's the most important bit to understand, though: You will only need one or the other of these promos depending on whether your Just Desserts deck is an original or a newer Version 1.1 deck. If original, you want the Zucchini Muffins. If Version 1.1 (check the side of the box to know for sure), you want the Neapolitan Ice Cream. Both yummy summer picnic foods!

Next, we have Fluxx-Sham-Bo. This was our 2021 Holiday Gift, but if you missed it during the holidays or want an extra pack, you can now buy them in the web store. This pack of cards adds a little rock-paper-scissors fun into any Fluxx deck!

That's it for the new additions, but we also wanted to let you know about a few titles that are about to go in the vault. We are down to our last few copies of the Firefly Fluxx Upgrade Pack (the Firefly Fluxx game is already in the vault). If you haven't gotten yours yet, this is your last call for those!

We are also running low on copies of Star Trek: The Next Generation Fluxx and Star Trek: Voyager Fluxx. We will not be reprinting these two titles, and we expect to run out before the holidays this year, so we wanted to make sure you had some forewarning.

Finally, we have decided to remove Pyramid Arcade from distribution into stores in order to make our remaining copies last a few more years in the web store. We will not be able to reprint Pyramid Arcade anytime soon (and maybe never), due to increased plastic and transportation costs, so we wanted to make sure that the last several hundred were saved for those specifically seeking them. This product is not being vaulted, but will be harder to find in stores in the future. Just a heads-up! Grab your copy here if you want one!

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This month's new Custom Loonacy deck is Summer Fun Loonacy! This deck is comprised of  various images of fun summer activities. It is a matched pairs deck, so you will be matching pictures of the activities with the words for those activities. Or you can edit the deck to add your own flair to it! And please consider submitting some photos of your own to grow our library of available images!

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BGA Summer of Games

Board Game Arena is releasing an extravaganza of games in July--one every day of the month! We don't know exactly which games will be released when, but we think Looney Labs fans might get a surprise or two if they keep following along with the new releases! Check every day of the month to win an extra prize from BGA!

BoardGameArena.com is a free and vibrant online board game platform. You can choose to play only with your friends, with anyone willing to play, or in Arena or Tournament modes for fame and glory. Many games also have tutorials. No download needed... just an internet connection! Best on a computer, but also works on tablets and phones.


Gen Con 2022

Kristin and Laurie will be at Gen Con this year, sharing Booth 100 with ZOE (Zombie Orpheus Entertainment). We will have a large selection of new and favorite games to sell, prototypes to playtest, and exclusive promo cards and some other freebies to give out. 

Each year, nearly 70,000 gaming enthusiasts converge in Indianapolis to share their enthusiasm in the experience and culture of gaming. The gaming community comes together from across the world to experience a vibrant exhibit floor, more than 20,000 gaming events, celebrity appearances, anime, film, an art show, and more!


Chrononauts: Missing Artifacts Expansion Release!

We've got one more bit of fun we'll be releasing in 2022... Missing Artifacts! This is the first new Chrononauts expansion since The Gore Years, and it works equally well in both Chrononauts and Early American Chrononauts.

This giant 18-card expansion pack includes 9 new Artifact cards, 6 new Mission cards, 2 new Gadget cards, and 1 new Action card. We've even included a fun and silly Easter egg on one of the cards (and it's not the Fabergé Egg)!

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Q: I've been having trouble getting my hands on one of those Peter Shepherd promo cards for Jumanji Fluxx. Where can I get one?

A: These cards are exclusively available from the actor who played Peter Shepherd, Bradley Pierce. However, he and his family have been so busy this summer that they had to temporarily take down their store because they didn't have time to fulfill the orders. The good news is that the store will be up and running again this fall, and will be part of a brand new look to their website! So keep checking back here once the summer rush is through!

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Homeworlds fever seems to be taking Looney Labs fans by storm! If you, too, want to know what this exciting abstract strategy game is all about, come chat with us in the Homeworlds Facebook group! Information and other resources about our Fan Club can also be found here!

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Treasures is a fun store full of treasures of all kinds. They sell toys, games, puzzles, crafts, jewelry, and more. Gifts for all ages, something fun for everyone, with new items in weekly.

The Treasures location is great as well, being downtown in a unique building that's got a mural on the side and outdoor seating, a giant dragon and full-sized suit of armor, and fairy lights at night!

But the best part of Treasures is its owner, Mike Kristula. Here's how visitors describe him:

"Hands down one of the nicest owners of a small business I have ever met."

"...the owner is the nicest dude ever!"

"The owner is an absolute treasure himself! He was so kind and helpful and gave me and my kids a show of his cool juggling skills!"

Stop by and tell Mike that Looney Labs sent you!

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