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Welcome to Bumpkins!

We have been enjoying so many exciting developments this term, not least the launch of our new Nature Rangers at the Pre-School. 

The children have been moving up through the nursery at a slightly quicker pace this year, this is so they are able to take full advantage of the new Nature Rangers Cabin at the Pre-School.

Our Nature Rangers sessions are based on the Forest School ethos, which is an inspirational process that develops children's self-esteem through hands-on learning in a woodland or natural environment with trees.

We have also been planting our new Woodland Trust trees, and look forward to seeing our Bumpkins Woodland develop over the coming years.

We would like to congratulate Laura on the birth of her baby girl, Isla.  Whilst Laura is on maternity leave, Mel and Jess continue to be on hand to answer any questions.

We would also like to congratulate Kelly who is now acting room senior in the Butterfly room, and Briony who has passed her level 3 in childcare.

Bumpkins’ recent Child Protection course went well and we have some upcoming fire practice training.

Nature Rangers

Bumpkins Nature Rangers offer our children the chance to try more adventurous activities under adult supervision, such as climbing trees and using wood work equipment.

The children are encouraged to explore the natural environment using all their senses and become aware of their surroundings, allowing them to be physically active in the fresh air, whatever the weather!

Activities so far have included grass caterpillars, making natural paint brushes to paint rocks and thinking of nature ranger names for themselves during outdoor circle times.

With all the additional messy play and outdoor activities please ensure that children have spare clothes including socks!

Promoting Lifestyles

We have been focussing on health promotion at Bumpkins. 

Lucy has created a range of health eating card activities/games to teach our children how to balance their meals and distinguish between healthy and unhealthy food types. She has been introducing new language and actions in to our cooking sessions and will be incorporating the words ‘whisk’ and ‘melt’ in the coming weeks! The Bumblebee children took part in making bread.


Bumpkins Big Dig - Can You Help?

We are in the process of creating our Nature Rangers field.  Can you help us:

• Dig out a sandpit
• Design a herb garden
• Plant flowers
• Paint our garden shed
• Dig out and create a story telling area
• Build a wormery
• Make wooden planters

Bumpkins Big Dig takes place on Saturday 19th May 9.30am-1pm.

We would like to invite Parents, Siblings, Grandparents and Friends to help us create and maintain our Nature Ranger area.

If you have any supplies you would like to donate please contact us on Hello@bumpkinsnursery.co.uk   We would love to see lots of you there. 

Parents Evening

Parents evening is on the 9th May for the Main Site and 14th May for Pre-School.

Appointments can be made with the staff in each room, if you are unable to attend we are able to meet at convenient time to discuss your child's development.

Thank-you to the Woodland Trust

Our trees that were gifted to us from the Woodland Trust have been planted on the Pre-School field to create a mini forest for our Nature Rangers. The children enjoyed helping to plant them and have been taking great care of them!

School Preparation

It is the time of year again when we prepare to see our next group of children as they spread their wings and move on to school! Activities to prepare them for school include self-registration, managing their feelings, teacher visits and managing self-care.  My Road to School details their journey as they prepare for school.

Soft Play Day

We have arranged a soft play day at the local community centre on the 22nd of May for the children in attendance that morning.  

Party in the Barn

The popular Party in the Barn returns! 

We hope to see you there.


Our photographer is in on Thursday 24th May to take class group photos. 

Pre-School - 9am

Butterflies - 10am

Bumblebees - 10.15am

Babies - 10.30am 

If your child isn't normally in nursery on this day, feel free to bring them in for their photo, however parents must remain on site if you are coming in especially.


Baby Sensory Day

On the 30th May we have planned a baby sensory day with a variety of activities to enthral every sense!
There will be sound effects, streamers, messy play, two tone jelly, treasure trays and light displays.

Jewellery and Accessories

If any parents could donate any costume jewellery, for example scarves, necklaces, bangles, handbags, caps and ties, they would be very gratefully received for our role play areas.

Hats & Sunscreen

Summer finally appears to be here...?!?!

Please bring in hats and sunscreen for your child to keep them safe in the sun.

Our outdoor areas offer plenty of shade too.

The Bumpkins Team