Rocket Apps Newsletter: March 2023 Edition

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Introducing the latest addition to the wProject family: Comment Mention Pro

This add-on takes your collaboration to the next level by alerting users (via email and / or front-end notification) when they are mentioned in comments.

Simply type the @ symbol followed by the name of the person you want to notify about the comment or task. Names will automatically be suggested as you type so you can select the right people to notify.

The best part? When someone is mentioned in a comment, they'll receive a notification with a link to the task, project and comment. They can easily jump right into the conversation and keep the momentum going. Plus, any mention of a user in a comment will be linked to their profile page.

What's New?

wProject Updates

The last few months have had me hard at work packing in nearly 90 new improvements, tweaks, fixes, and features since the last newsletter.

And the best part? You can check out all the activity in the changelog whenever you want.

But not everyone has the time or inclination to dig through the changelog, and some of you have (rightfully) complained that it's hard to know what's changed after an update. That's fair. Now, with the new wProject admin dashboard, you can easily see a comprehensive list of everything that has changed in the current version. You're welcome.

Update now if you haven't already.

Choose Wisley

wProject Pro Tip

Handing over your projects has never been easier or more satisfyingly dramatic.

Simply go to the profile page of the lucky project manager who will inherit your projects and click on "Give my projects to" (cue the dramatic music). Upon confirmation, all your projects will magically be reassigned to your chosen successor, and they'll receive an email confirming their newfound glory responsibility.

If you chose wisely, your projects will be in good hands.

Signing off

Until next time

This week's newsletter may be short (we all know what they say about people with short newsletters), but I hope it's been big on impact.

Have a productive week!

If you have questions about anything mentioned in this newsletter, or you want to know more about me, feel free to make contact.


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