Rocket Apps Newsletter: July 2024 Edition

New Product

Campaign Monitor Pro for WooCommerce

Campaign Monitor Pro for WooCommerce let's you capture leads from the WooCommerce checkout and send them to a Campaign Monitor list of your choosing.

New Product [FREE!]

Easy Deactivate & Delete Plugins [FREE!]

I created this plugin to solve the minor but annoying problem of having to deactivate and delete WordPress plugins in two separate steps. This plugin lets you perform both actions in a single click.

To anyone else who shares this bugbear, this plugin is free forever with no strings attached.

New Product

Parallel Emails Pro for WooCommerce

Sometimes you need to let others know when WooCommerce orders occur or are updated.

Parallel Emails Pro for WooCommerce solves this problem by letting you easily send To, CC or BCC order information emails to specified recipients when orders are created or updated.

From the Blog

3rd party websites have been selling my software without my knowledge, and that’s perfectly fine

I discovered a legal yet undisclosed distribution of my software, accompanied by some morally ambiguous behaviour.

From the Blog

Support for PHP 7 in wProject has ended

As PHP 7 has long since reached end-of-life status, so does its support in wProject and the dedicated plugins.

Historically Speaking

All past newsletters are now archived online

For what it's worth, you can now view all past Rocket Apps newsletters here.

Current newsletters (this one for example) get added to the archive only when new ones are published, keeping you (as a newsletter subscriber) informed of news and offers well and truly before everyone else.

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