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Oceanside News and Events
Find the latest news from the Oceanside Division and complementary organizations in this issue of News and Events.


  1. Port Alberni PCN
  2. Maternity, Shared Care and Port Alberni PCN
  3. Open Clinic Space Project in Qualicum Beach
  4. LFP Payment Model updates
  5. Invitation - Cervix Screening Primary Care Engagement and Education Working Group
  6. Registration now open for BC Rural Health Conference 2023!
  7. MHSU Service Link - Single Telephone Number for the Public
  8. Walk With Your Doc
  9. Divisions Conference Opportunity
  10. Oceanside Hospice Society
  11. Divisions Dispatch
  12. Divisions in the News

Port Alberni PCN

The Port Alberni PCN held a member engagement evening in April that was attended by almost every family physician in the area, as well as many other specialists and healthcare professionals. The PCN team introduced the five PCN strategies that the Port Alberni PCN will be creating, starting with the first, Nurses in Practice. Since our early draw on funding, the Port Alberni PCN has placed one RN in practice, with the second already being allocated through the latest expression of interest from caregivers. Watch for news of our next engagement meeting and celebration with our Indigenous and community partners in the Alberni Valley coming in May.

We will shortly be putting out a call for membership to take part in the Urban Indigenous Community Health Centre subcommittee. Physicians or NPs in the Port Alberni area that have not already expressed interest in helping to make this plan come to life may contact Port Alberni PCN Manager Sharon Todd at:, 250-937-0611.

Maternity, Shared Care and Port Alberni PCN

Maternity Care, Oceanside
Dr. Kelly Hadfield is taking any referrals for perinatal care for Oceanside. If you have any pregnant women in your panel in Oceanside, please consider referring to Dr. Hadfield, as she is local.

Shared Care Port Alberni
Shared Care project has begun in Port Alberni bringing together Specialists and GPs. This project will focus on offering support to remote First Nations surrounding Port Alberni and the West Coast.

For more information and if you are interested in participating, please get a hold of Tina Biello at

Oceanside Referrals for Murray Coughtrey, RN
Oceanside RN Murray Coughtrey has opened a space on Jensen St. for any referrals to come in for shockwave therapy for musculoskeletal conditions.
Please contact Murray at

Port Alberni PCN
Please join us for dinner and celebration about the Primary Care Network in Port Alberni

Date: May 16, 2023
Time: 5:30-7:30 pm
Location: Port Alberni Friendship Centre 
                 3555 4th Ave. Port Alberni

Please RSVP

We are about to embark on PCN implementation and want to update the community groups about the strategies. All of these groups were given opportunities for input prior to writing up the service plan. We'll talk about the current situation and helpful resources coming to the community.
This will be an opportunity to celebrate with the local Indigenous and community groups. Please feel free to attend. This will be the first opportunity they will have of hearing about the 5 strategies.

Open Clinic Space Project in Qualicum Beach

Since early 2022 the Division has been collaborating with the Town of Qualicum Beach to preserve clinic space that would otherwise be leased as another type of retail space to see if Division could do something about filling that space with new family practitioners. This space was set up as a clinic and in 2021 had received significant renovations paid for by the Ministry of Health. And it was agreed by the Division board that the clinic space was too valuable to ignore so we decided to work with the Town to preserve it and potentially fill it.

At that point Sharon Todd and a local business analyst visited every clinic in Oceanside to consult and receive feedback about what members thought about the use of this clinic space. While many members expressed disinterest in the use of the clinic, the Division was told VERY CLEARLY what other members did not want. Some of those "not wants" included the clinic's use as an OAT clinic, the use of the clinic for locum help and having Division in any way involved in managing the clinic. In response Division agreed to not do any of those things.

With that information in mind, we continued to look for practitioners to fill that space to help with attachment and relieving the local health care system. One year went by with no resolution to the challenge.

In 2023 the Town of Qualicum Beach agreed, once more to assist in keeping that space available for potential use by new physicians and/or NPs. who want to land in Oceanside. Division has heard for a very long time that the problem with recruitment in this area is a lack of space for new physicians to operate. Clinics are old, small and often "one provider" spaces. New-to-practice physicians want a couple of things, and they are clear about them: A place to have team-based care, some flexibility in how/where they work (meaning shorter work weeks, more variety) and some entity to manage their practice. There appears to be little appetite for new-to-practice people to establish and run a solo-practice clinic. It was felt that this clinic potentially ticked those boxes.

To be clear: while the Town currently holds and pays for the lease, that is ONLY until a paying customer comes along. It is imperative to understand that this is not a free-forever space. The Town has been working with Divisions to find ways, in a VERY competitive world, to make Oceanside an attractive place to land. That includes clinic leasing for a very limited time, as well as other less tangible attraction projects.

In response to member’s wishes I want to state categorically that the position of the Division has always been to facilitate getting space for new physicians and NPs to "land", not to run clinics. As well, I think it is important to repeat that Division is not going to be the arbiter of any space. We won't decide if or who finally ends up in any space. That is entirely up to the providers and any management firm that works with those providers.

Division exists to support our members. Yes, we work hard to follow the will of the membership. But, it is also imperative that we attract new physicians and NPs to Oceanside. Because we have also heard repeatedly that the next 5 years will see many of our providers retiring. And....there are 9000+ people on a waiting list for care that we need (somehow) to assist. Growing the number of providers is the only way that will be accomplished. I hope that everyone understands that the work of Division is also to help pave the way for the future care in this area. Because it is the only responsible way forward. And we will continue to do so.

Do you have an interest in this clinic? Do you know of any providers who might? Please take a moment to consider how we can work together to bring family practitioners to this area and serve them to help strengthen the Division and thus serve our patients. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me.

Evelyn Clark
Executive Director

LFP Payment Model updates

April 5, 2023
Updates on the LFP Payment Model
The purpose of this newsletter is to provide the latest updates on the implementation of the Longitudinal Family Physician (LFP) Payment Model. To submit questions or feedback on the payment model, please email

Doctors of BC and BC Family Doctors continue to listen to your feedback, meeting regularly with the provincial government to address your concerns about the LFP Payment Model. Today we are providing the following:

  • Developments on expansion of the LFP payment model
  • An update on panel payments for 2023
  • Expanded resources for medical office assistants
  • A summary of tools from Business Pathways
  • Information on how to withdraw from the model 

Expansion of the LFP Payment Model
While there has been broad uptake of this model, with more than 2,600 family physicians across BC enrolled and much positive feedback, we have heard significant concerns from physicians who provide facility-based services in addition to longitudinal family medicine. Currently, services provided at facilities are not yet included under the LFP Payment Model. You have identified this as an issue across the province, in communities of varying sizes and geographies. You have told us that there is an urgent need to resolve this.
Doctors of BC, BC Family Doctors, and the Ministry of Health are committing to address these elements by the end of 2023. This includes:

  • Expanding the LFP Payment Model to enable billing by longitudinal family physicians for facility-based services, including maternity care, inpatient care, long-term care, and palliative care.
  • Adapting the LFP Payment Model to address the needs of rural physicians and communities.

In addition, the Family Practice Services Committee (FPSC) is developing options to provide some stabilization funding as soon as possible for physicians providing inpatient care, maternity care in hospital, and long-term care. These have been identified as areas at risk of significant destabilization in the coming months, resulting in potential gaps in patient care. The funding will provide a bridge until these areas are incorporated into the LFP Payment Model later this year. Watch for more details in the coming weeks.

We encourage you to continue to provide the medical care that your patients and communities rely on as we move through this transition period.

Update on panel payments for 2023
The LFP Payment Model compensates physicians for their time and patient interactions, as well as the size and complexity of their patient panel (panel payment). We now have more details about the logistics and interim methodology for determining the panel payment for this year.

When you will receive payment
The panel payment is designed to be paid four times per year on a quarterly schedule. In 2023, physicians billing under the LFP Payment Model can expect to receive the first two quarterly payments combined into a single payment by August 31.

What to do
In June, physicians who are eligible for the 2023 panel payment will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to submit their claim form. The online form will ask physicians to confirm their eligibility for the 2023 panel payment and to confirm their MSP Payee Number. 

How it will be calculated
Panel payment amounts for 2023 will be based on an approach adapted from the Community Longitudinal Family Physician (CLFP) Payment to estimate the size and complexity of a longitudinal family physician’s patient panel. In this interim methodology, the number of patients is estimated using the Majority Source of Care (MSOC) methodology, and complexity is measured using the Adjusted Clinical Group (ACG) system.

The methodology has been modified to be more inclusive of new-to-practice doctors and to ensure similar payment rates for individual doctors when the panel payment transitions from interim methodology to a future provincial empanelment system. More detailed information about the panel payment for 2024 and beyond will be shared as soon as it is available.

LFP Payment Model – Information for medical office assistants
We know the importance physicians place on billing support and resources, as do medical office assistants (MOAs) and office staff who play a major role in the delivery of services at your clinic.  After hearing from you, we are now making LFP Payment Model resources available to your MOAs.
They can access information in two ways:

LFP Payment Model tools from Business Pathways

  • Business Pathways, a Doctors of BC initiative that supports doctors in running the business side of their practice, has developed tools, resources, and guides to help family doctors enter group governance, implement cost sharing agreements, find vetted legal help, and more.

Doctors who are considering initiating or revising a contract agreement can also find templates for contractor agreements, cost sharing agreements, release of information agreements, and group governance agreements on Business Pathways’ Agreement Templates page.

Withdrawing from the model

Reminder: Debiting the 98000 LFP Registration Code does not withdraw a physician from the LFP Payment Model.

You can withdraw from the LFP Payment Model at any time by providing written notice to the Ministry of Health. Once you withdraw, you cannot re-enroll in the model for 12 months unless approved by the Medical Services Commission.
Complete and submit the withdrawal form LFP Payment Model – Withdrawal by:

  • Fax: 1-250-952-1417 or
  • Mail: LFP Payment Schedule, PO Box 9649 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, BC V8W 9P4

Please see the LFP Payment Schedule for more information about withdrawal and removal from the LFP Payment Model.

Need more information?
Write us

View our information online (member login required)

Invitation - Cervix Screening Primary Care Engagement and Education Working Group

I am writing to invite your organization to participate in a Cancer Screening Primary Care Working Group to discuss the changes that will occur with a move to HPV primary screening for cervical cancer screening in BC. The purpose of this group is:

 1. To share information regarding the upcoming changes for cervix screening to HPV primary screening to:

  • Help primary care organizations plan
  • Enable primary care organizations to share information back to their members to support wider engagement from the primary care community
  • Obtain feedback and recommendations with respect to practice change and implementation planning

 2. Identify the information needs of Primary Care Providers and their patients participating in HPV screening – either provider-collected or self-screening

 3. Obtain input and recommendations from primary care providers on program correspondence for providers and patients and provider and patient education materials

Please click here for a draft terms of reference for the Working Group. It is anticipated that the committee will meet via video conference a total of three to four times in the coming months:

9 May 2023
4-530 pm

Primary Topic: Expected Changes to Cervix Screening

  • Overview of upcoming changes for cervix screening
  • Information on the Cervix Self-Screening Pilot
  • Discussion about primary care engagement and planning

8 June 2023
5-630 pm

Primary Topic: Education and Correspondence Materials

  • Review and discuss provider and patient materials
  • Review and discuss implementation communication plan

4 July 2023
430-6 pm

Primary Topic: Progress Update and Feedback from Primary Care Organizations

  • Update working group on implementation progress and any additional planning information
  • Discuss any revisions to materials
  • Obtain feedback on further steps and planning needs of primary care organizations

6 September 2023

Primary Topic: Held time for any further updates and discussion that may be of value. Will be cancelled if the working group deems another meeting is not needed.


I would be delighted if a representative from your organization would attend. The engagement and input from Primary Care Providers on these topics are highly valued.

Meetings will be held virtually and financial support for meeting time and meeting preparation time is available for non-salaried providers. If your organization is interested in participating, please respond by 30 April 2023 by emailing

In addition to this work, we will be reaching out individually to each Division of Family Practice in the coming weeks to:

  • Request time to meet with Division leadership to discuss community specifics related to the transition to HPV screening, including the management of unattached patients in the community, any community specific engagement deemed valuable by the Division and to answer any questions directly. This would be to carry on discussions your Division may have already had with Dr. Doris Fogarty and Ms. Susan Papadionissiou.
  • Offer to set up a meeting with your Division members or participate in an existing meeting to provide a clinically based education session on the transition to HPV screening and new follow-up algorithms.

Please contact me directly with any questions about this working group or any other activities and meetings pertaining to the planning for the transition to HPV primary screening.

Laura Gentile
Director Colon Screening and Cervix Screening

Suite 800, 686 West Broadway
Vancouver BC V5Z 1G1
D: 604.707.5913
C: 778.886.5842

Registration now open for BC Rural Health Conference 2023!

Registration now open for the BC Rural Health Conference 2023 in Whistler

June 2 - 4, 2023
Whistler, BC
Westin Whistler Resort


Join RCCbc on June 2–4 for this unique and comprehensive rural medicine conference in scenic Whistler, on the ancestral and traditional territory of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh and Líl̓wat7úl peoples.

Conference highlights:

  • 50+ interactive plenary and breakout sessions tailored for rural practitioners, covering current and emerging trends in rural medicine
  • Social and networking events to connect with rural colleagues
  • Pre-conference courses: The CARE Course Goes WILDE, Basic Suturing,  Advanced Minor Skin Procedures, and CASTED: Emergency
  • Hands-on skills workshops: IUD and contraceptive implant insertions, ultrasound-guided MSK interventions, airway management in low-resource settings, and handheld-ultrasound for rural/remote generalists
  • Presentation of the BC Rural Health Awards
  • Wellness activities, including yoga, hikes and chair massages
  • Free childcare during conference hours

Unable to join us in person? Sign up for the recording-only option. You'll get access to plenary and breakout session recordings (excluding workshops) to view on-demand after the conference.

.Register now! Discounted rates end April 24.
Join the buzz on social media using #BCRHC

Visit BC Rural Health Conference webpage

MHSU Service Link - Single Telephone Number for the Public

For information, we wanted to share this important public service message.

The Mental Health and Substance Use (MHSU) Service Link is a resource for the public that helps people connect to information and MHSU services in their community.
People seeking information can phone 1-888-885-8824 seven days a week to speak directly with a call taker.

For system-level inquiries and questions, contact Monica Flexhaug Special Projects Director for MHSU at Island Health at:

Walk With Your Doc

Walk with your Doc is the Doctors of BC public health campaign that gets British Columbians moving, builds community relationships, and shows that BC doctors Walk the Talk.

Each year during the week of May 10 doctors host walking events in their communities. The walks are a fun and simple way to get patients and community members moving, and to discuss the benefits of daily activity with them in an informal, social setting.

Host a Walk
Walk with Your Doc – May 6 – 14 , 2023

Be part of the walking movement, and let your patients know they can walk with their doc!

Register to Host a Walk


Divisions Conference Opportunity

Exciting opportunity! Join us for Dr John Lyftogt’s FINAL INTRODUCTORY perineural injection therapy workshop.

Please click here for the website

Location: Vancouver BC
Dates: June 17 – 18, Saturday and Sunday 2023
Teachers: Dr John Lyftogt, with Dr David Bowler

Dr John Lyftogt is a sports medicine physician from New Zealand, who has developed this remarkably effective treatment for musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain. At first practising on himself, and then sharing his technique with many physicians globally, John has provided a simple, easy to learn treatment using 5% dextrose water via subcutaneous injection at key sites. In addition, there are now multiple published studies available.

You will be able to incorporate these techniques in your practice immediately after attending the workshop. The course design involves some theory and anatomy teaching and many practical demonstrations. Registration is limited to allow for maximal benefit of attending physicians, and once full, a waiting list will be kept. Please note this is John’s FINAL TOUR of teaching perineural injection therapy, so don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to learn from the maestro!

Please click here for more information and to REGISTER

Oceanside Hospice Society

The Oceanside Hospice Society serves individuals and families experiencing end-of-life, care-giving and bereavement in the area stretching from Deep Bay to Nanoose, and west to Errington and Whiskey Creek

We strive to provide links in the continuum of care by supporting care giving at home, in hospital or the palliative care unit at Trillium and at community care facilities.

Please contact us at 250.752.6227 or visit for further information.

Divisions Dispatch

The latest news from the provincial team and complementary organizations.

Divisions in the News

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