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EMTC Court Bookings for this weekend..

Our Club is up and about again, and the first two days have run quite smoothly. 

Our Phone Booking system appears to be working well. Thank you all for embracing this new initiative to help our 'Return to Tennis' be a smooth one. Also, a big thank you to Chris and his team for handling this for us.

We know some of you may not have booked before 5pm today for a hit this weekend.

If you want to come and take your chances at getting a court please remember to:

  • look at the Monitor first,
  • check the Walk-in Booking Sheet second,
  • then, if there is a spare court, write your name mobile and court you are going to use on this sheet.  

As per our previous email to you, this information must be recorded for every person who plays with you.

Remember to familiarise yourself with our “Return to Tennis Guidelines” before venturing to the Club

Ralph Muir-Morris
East Malvern Tennis Club