Rocket Apps Newsletter: June 2022 Edition

Catching Up

Where have I been?

As some of you know, I've been in and out of hospital more times than I care to recount this past several months, and then out of nowhere (unrelated) emergency surgery last week after sudden onset appendicitis. I'm recovering now, but all this combined has resulted in among other things, a lack of communication to you. I regret this situation and for that I am sorry, but as you no doubt understand, one's health is priority.

I won't bore you with the full details, but know that I am well and truly on the mend. With that in mind, I should be able to send these communications more often, assuming I have anything newsworthy to share of course.

Now that's out of the way, what new? Read on.

Top Story

New Plugin: What The FAQ Pro

What The FAQ Pro does exactly what you think it does. If you need a FAQ for your website, this plugin makes it a hassle free experience. Check it out.

Help me to help you

Beta Testers Wanted

I started work on this last year before things started getting crazy, and now I've pretty much completed work on a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to set up polls.

It's already in the hands of a few beta testers, but I thought I'd open it up to anyone else who might be interested.

Beta testers will get a free two-year licence for the plugin (called Polarise Pro) for use on two domains. In return I ask that you simply give me a little feedback on the experience and make any suggestions you may have for improvement - if any. It’s also helpful if you can join the Rocket Apps Slack channel to relay feedback, but we can do it over email if you prefer.

Please note there are only five remaining beta testing slots, so first in first served.

Interested? Awse! Just send me a message and I'll get the ball rolling.

Gravity Forms Plugin

Kind of new plugin: Better Address for Gravity Forms

Are you a Gravity Forms user? Do you want more control over how addresses are handled? The new plugin extends Gravity Forms so you can easily include states, provinces, regions, districts etc into the address fields, with 37 countries represented.

You can also specify the default state, and decide if you’d prefer email notifications to come through with either the name or the code (for example New York or NY).

Signing off

Until we meet again

I'll end this newsletter now with this: to all my customers, please know I'm truly grateful for each of you. Your loyalty and support over the years has meant more than you probably know.

Have a great week!

If you have questions about anything mentioned in this newsletter, or you want to know more about me, feel free to send me a message.


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