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March 11, 2022
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Should You Choose Craft CMS or WordPress?
Should You Choose Craft CMS or WordPress

Good Work is a Craft shop. We’ve been working with Craft since day one, we’re a verified partner, and it’s what we use to make 99.9% of our websites.

BUT… unless you’re coming to us with a preexisting Craft website or did your own research, you’re probably much more familiar with WordPress. This is especially true for our design agency clients who may be hesitant to go all-in on a system that they’ve heard little to nothing about.

The questions I get about Craft CMS vs. WordPress usually fall into the following four categories:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Website Security
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Development Community
So let’s get to it.


Development Community

On the one hand, we have WordPress, the most widely used content management system on earth. Over 30 million live websites use WordPress, and it powers over 35% of the internet. StackExchange, where developers ask other developers questions, has 165,000 WordPress members (developers).

Roughly 90,000 websites use Craft, which is A LOT. It’s easy to find Craft developers, too. As of this writing, there are 9,700 StackExchange members (developers) and 225 verified Craft Partner Companies. Needless to say, if your Craft developer gets hit by a bus, your website will be okay.

Both Craft and WordPress are far from proprietary. They have a large enough user base that you’ll never need to worry about finding future development resources or getting stuck with a development company that you’re unhappy with.

Does Craft power 35% of the internet? No. But it has a large (and growing) development community and has been adopted by big names like PBS, Tito’s, Canon, and AP.

Read more about Ease of Use, Website Security, and SEO with Craft vs. WordPress on our blog.

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