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There are a whole lot of reasons to buy our games in September!

First, September 9th is the street date for Chononauts: Missing Artifacts, the first expansion for the time travel system in over a decade! This 18-card pack can be used with EITHER Early American Chrononauts OR the original Chrononauts... or both together! Not only does it have a fun collection of new artifacts to spice up your game, but it's also got some new Mission cards that require those Artifacts, a couple new Gadgets to help you achieve those Missions, and even a new Action! (Note that if you place an order in our store, it will be held for shipment unti next Wednesday, to arrive on or after street date.)

Another little promo item Andy created for either Chrononauts or Early American Chrononauts is the Stonehenge 3-Pack. These three cards each represent one sarsen stone from Stonehenge. When sold, they give you three new cards, and if you can collect all three to make a trilithon, you win instantly! (Only available from our online store.)

Also, several games are back in stock that have been scarce for a bit. Stoner Fluxx is back in stock after being out of print for a few months. Pyramid Arcade is back in stock after being offline for a couple weeks due to shipping problems. We're down to just 40 copies of Pyramid Arcade, so don't delay if you want a copy! On top of that, although we are completely out of stock of Star Trek: The Next Generation Fluxx and Firefly Fluxx, we realized that we do still have some Demo Copies, so we have made those available for sale while supplies last as well.

All of these are great reasons to go shopping in September, but we've got one more for you. We regret that it's necessary, but we need to raise our prices. We have not done so in over a decade (even though the cost of living has increased by 31% in that time frame), and our cost of producing and shipping the games has skyrocketed due to paper shortages, factory Covid lock-downs, shipping container shortages, and gas price increases. We just can't survive if we don't raise our prices. So we are doing so on October 1st, 2022.

This is the main reason why shopping is good this September... because you've got the inside scoop and can buy up whichever games you want and get your holiday shopping done early while the prices are still at current rates! This is true whether you buy from our store or from your local game store. Here is the full list of price changes we provided to our retailers.

And finally... one more "thank you" to our fans just because we love you... if you missed us at Gen Con and want to get your hands on one of those Zombie Portal promo cards we were handing out, we are going to include one free with every order placed in September while supplies last!

Please give our games as gifts. Check out everything we made that is new this past year, and do your holiday shopping early before our prices go up!

September 19th be comin' up before ye know it, and ye know what that means... Talk Like a Pirate Day! 

If you don't yet own Pirate Fluxx, what better time to grab a copy? We have heard that there's a movement afoot to make the Saturday BEFORE Talk Like a Pirate Day be PLAY Like a Pirate Day. The folks at Dad vs. Daughter told us at Gen Con that the idea is to have a pirate themed game day on that Saturday before. We think this sounds like a stupendous idea!

Find it hard to talk like a pirate? Here are some tips that make it easy... or just use this translator to turn any sentence into piratey goodness! Have to work? You can bring the fun to your workplace! Got kids? Lots of fun to be had for the wee ones as well! And if you're strong of stomach, you can read about what pirate life was really like! Arrr!

Still not sure if you want to buy Pirate Fluxx? Here's a card list to help you decide. And a VERY old video complete with wonderful long-time friends, a sneak appearance by our cat Shiro, and a blooper reel at the end. And finally, we thought you might get a kick out of Alison's FAQ answer to the question, "Can you make yourself Walk the Plank?" P.S. Fun fact: Pirate Fluxx was the first Fluxx to contain Suprises!

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Well, this month's Custom Loonacy deck isn't really new, but it's a fun little deck, and perfect for Back to School! Color Loonacy matches items that are the same color, such as the red lady bug and the red pointsettia. Feel free to customize it with your own images to make it even more fun for your pre-K or kindergartener. And please consider submitting some photos of your own to grow our library of available images! (To do so, just email loonacy@looneylabs.com with your 500x500 pixel image that you wish to gift to this project.) Thank you!

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9 th

Chrononauts: Missing Artifacts Expansion Release!

We've got one more bit of fun we'll be releasing in 2022... Missing Artifacts! This is the first new Chrononauts expansion since The Gore Years, and it works equally well in both Chrononauts and Early American Chrononauts.

This giant 18-card expansion pack includes 9 new Artifact cards, 6 new Mission cards, 2 new Gadget cards, and 1 new Action card. We've even included a fun and silly Easter egg on one of the cards (and it's not the Fabergé Egg)!

3 rd

First Release(s) of 2023!

We can't tell you much about this product (or possibly TWO products) yet, but we can tell you that we are busily at work playtesting and illustrating, and we are very excited about what we're making. We hope you will be, too!

5 th

Second Release(s) of 2023!

Again, mum's the word for now, but this one should be a welcome surprise for our fans! Keep an eye on the Coming Soon page linked below, and you'll be one of the first to know what we're up to!

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Q: How did The Wandering Dragon get Andy to come visit them a couple weeks ago?

A: Well, for starters, Wandering Dragon co-owner Laura Martin is also our newest employee! She's been telecommuting from Illinois since March, but we had never met her in person. Laurie and I got to meet her and her husband briefly at Gen Con, but Andy wanted to meet her, too!

Add to this that Andy was going to be on a cross-country drive to get to Burning Man, and that drive would take him within a couple hours of The Wandering Dragon.

Thus was hatched the idea to do a brief game store appearance and playtest some of our prototype games. They had a ton of fun, with about 20-25 people in attendance! Yay!

However, that was the only stop Andy made, because he is still, for the most part, staying away from people until Covid is a little more under control. So although he's just itching to get out and see you all, it probably won't be until sometime in 2023.

That said, we're starting to plan his routes for whenever it's safe for him to get out again, and we'd love to hear from you all. Do you want Looney Labs to visit your neck of the woods? Let us know by filling out this form. Let us know what store (game, book, gift, café... wherever there's a little space to play!), what city and state, and why this would be a good place to stop. Thanks! Hoping to see you all in 2023!

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This group is a place for Looney Labs fans to chat (with each other and with Kristin and Andy) about anything and everything related to Looney Labs and the games they publish. Information and other resources about our Fan Club can also be found here!

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Our friends at Heiress Gaming have had a permanent booth at the Pennsylvania Rennaissance Faire for years, and we have heard they have the best customer service in town!

In addition, they were of great help in developing Olympus Fluxx and Olympus Loonacy! So if you see them, tell them thanks from all of us at Looney Labs!

Heiress Gaming carries our pyramid games, as well as a smattering of appropriate Fluxxes, such as Pirate Fluxx and Olympus Fluxx, plus some other interesting fare such as Time Breaker and a Renn Faire related Custom Loonacy deck.

The Faire runs now through October 30th, so grab a mask and get out and have some fun! Huzzah!

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