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#1. Increase operational efficiency, automation and capability with Powertrain Testing

SOLUTION: Hydraulic Test Center (HTC)

  • Improved filtration and maintenance for contamination control, greater equipment longevity and test unit cleanliness
  • Reduced testing power requirement by 30% through energy recovery mode - reduced cooling and electrical costs
  • Collect setup and testing information from one location
  • Automated test capability with pass/fail criteria
  • Increased driveline torque capacity and vertical travel

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#2. The ability to test vehicles under Real World environmental conditions

SOLUTION: Portable AC Chassis Dynamometer TD-24-AC-T

  • Designed for testing on-highway trucks
  • Conquer stringent emissions regulations with real world testing
  • Test under extreme temperatures and conditions
  • Power-absorbing as well as power-motoring from the AC dyno
  • Simulate road load and automated testing capabilities
  • Assemble and test in less than 60 minutes
  • Setup and test anywhere, including altitudes of 10,000 ft (3,048 m)

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VIDEO: Watch it test up close

VIDEO: Watch the assembly 

#3. A Test Cell that's fully transportable and can be placed in a remote location

SOLUTION: Moble Testing Center - MTC-1500

  • Preassembled mobile test cell system
  • Requires minimal setup and is easy to transport
  • Test cell container #1 includes: dyno, engine cooling, air-handling, engine cart and a heated and air-conditioned control room
  • Facility support container #2 (optional) includes: fuel storage, pneumatic system and water recirculation

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#4. Testing low and high speed turbine starters

SOLUTION: AC Dynamometer Test Stand 100,000 rpm

  • A test stand with 0 - 100,000 rpm
  • Capabilities up to 325 hp (242 kW)
  • Control and safety systems for sophisticated test stand cooling and lubrication equipment
  • Vibration analysis to ensure stable test stand operation over the entire operating range

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#5. Reduce the time, risk and expense of designing and building a new test cell

SOLUTION: Test Cell in a Box (TCiB)

  • Reduce demands on contractors by receiving a Pre-construction drawings package and an Intellectual Property package
  • Minimize risk before any construction occurs with 3D virtual designs and 2D drawings
  • Reduce test cell costs and lead times with drawings and exact BOMs known from the start
  • Latest advancements in design, safety and highly-engineered facility support systems
  • Everything you need for a world-class, turnkey test cell facility allowing for easy integration, setup, operation and support

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VIDEO: Take the Testing Facility Tour

Tandem Control Room

#6. Run automated hill simulation on a flat surface

SOLUTION: Towing Dynamometers 

  • Run automated hill simulation profiles and tests on a flat surface
  • Control speed and load through a wireless tablet 
  • Measure horsepower, time, distance and load with ease
  • Reduce the amount of time and costs spent on mountain testing
  • Protect proprietary designs and prototypes while testing on your own property

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RS-40K Towing Dyno

VIDEO: Watch a basic overview of the DynCtrl-II Towing Dyno Software 

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