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2019 Club Championships - SAVE THE DATE in Sept 2019

This year we again plan to run the 2019 Club Championships as one big event over two weekends, covering both Juniors & Seniors.

Sat/Sun 7/8 & 14/15 September 2019

Finals will most likely be held Sunday 15th Sept.  Depending on entries, some matches may be played under lights on the first weekend (and possibly Friday night).

If you wish to compete, save these dates in your calendar and we will forward entry information early August.

Do you WATER your courts before play??

A friendly reminder that even though the weather is getting cooler the courts MUST still be watered on a regular basis.

Most of the court damage is done during the Autumn/Winter months due to people thinking the courts don't need watering. 

The courts may look 'darker' due to dew, or colder nights, but underneath they are usually very dry.  Unless it has recently rained, you should be giving the courts a sprinkle before playing.  This is especially important before ANY Competition, including Night. 

As has been the case for a couple of years now, the baselines will always need more water than the service boxes due to drainage. It is usually easier to have two people doing the watering - one at the tap and one with the hose.  That way you can turn the tap off immeidately if puddles start to form.

Thank you for taking the time to care for your courts.

Beer Price Rise from 01 July 2019

Our extremely cheap beer is rising to $4 per stubby from Monday 1st July 2019. 
We still think this is one of the cheapest beers you will find in Melbourne.  Please respect the honesty policy and pay $4 when you take a beer.

Congratulations to our Autumn 2019 Night Competition finalists

Our Night Competition season has now concluded.  We had 16 of our 25 teams make the knockout Finals.  Congratulations to the following teams for making the Grand Finals:

  • NEWKS - Premiers (Mon Doubles) 
  • A THIEM - Runners Up (Tues S/D)
  • SCORPIONS - Runners Up (Thur S/D)

Spring 2019 season commences the week starting Monday 22nd July for BDNTA and Monday 29th July for WDTA.  Fixtures have not beenr released yet.

NEWKS - Lasha, Gary, Stuart & Josh

A THEIM:  Aaron, Michael, Hayden, Nick, Tim & Brett. 
(no photo available)

SCORPIONS - Leon, Sam, Peter & Brett

More Courts available at Night for members to have a hit - $12 per hour for lights (Night Comp resumes 22nd July)

Our Autumn 2019 Night Competition season is now over (as mentioned above) so there are more courts available for members to have a casual hit after work.  Remember it is $12 per hour for lights, and $10 if you bring a guest. Please remember to complete the details on the envelope, including date / members names / guest names.
Coaching is still on until Friday 28 June (inclusive) so check the Court Allocations on our website to see what is free. The School Holidays Court Allocation will be on the website & noticeboard at the end of this week.

NO courts are available to non-members during our peak times, which are after 3.00pm Monday to Friday, all weekend, and School Holidays. 
If your name is not on our Members list on the noticebaord you are NOT a current member.  Please contact the Office on 9886 0858 if you think this is incorrect.
Non-members who wish to use your courts please see our website for more details (or contact Deb in the Office on 9886 0858):