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Clubhouse Redevelopment

After many years of working with City of Stonnington, we are very pleased to announce we have been allocated funding in the Council Budget, to build a new clubhouse for EMTC. These funds will be managed by City of Stonnington in collaboaration with EMTC.

We look forward to working with our local Councillors in the East Ward. Congratulations to Jami Klisaris (past Mayor) for her re-election, and welcome to; Alexander Lew and Polly Morgan.

Our old clubhouse is over 60 years old and was built originally by our members. It has served us very well, but it’s time to get rid of the asbestos, the leaking roof, and the possums. I know Deb is hoping that one day a storm will blow the building over. The last time we took a census there were 2000 people coming through the gate every month. We look forward to providing a wonderful new Clubhouse for all who utilise our facility.

There will also be works done on some of our courts, to ensure they meet international tennis regulations. Currently court 6 through 10 have issues with run-off, at the back, and to some degree at the sides. Given how much use each Court gets per week, this will present challenges in updating them.

While Covid has set everything back, we are looking forward to getting started next year. The process will take a couple of years.

President - EMTC

EMTC Swimming Pool update

We know many of our members are keen to get back into our Pool, but unfortunately we have been advised by City of Stonnington that we cannot open yet. 

After a meeting with the Stonnington team yesterday, we were advised Legislation has changed considerably, and these changes prevent us from opening the pool, as it is now.  They are the owners of our property and so we must wait until they are satisfied our Pool meets today's standards.  If anyone has any questions regarding this please contact Ralph directly on 0409 858 312.

Court Bookings over the Christmas/January break and beyond

Our Court Booking system is working well, and we thank our members for embracing the system.  We have decided to remove the Monitor as it only shows 7 courts, and doesn't always refresh.

We hope that enough members have access on their phone to book themselves, and fellow members, a court.  Ideally you book before arriving at the Club so you are guaranteed a court.  If you want to take your chances and just turn up, please use your phone to book the court you are about to use to avoid arguments.

As always, you are still required to sign in via the QR Code or paper sheet.

Futures Tennis Academy - Holiday Programs for Kids and Adults

FTA are holding their usual Holiday Camps for Kids and Adults in January 2021.

Kids program info can be found here:

Adult (evening) program can be found here: