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Happy Holidays from all of us at Looney Labs! As we move into the gift-giving season, we'd like to suggest that our games make great gifts for lots of reasons! First, a game is both a physical gift to open AND an experience to enjoy over and over for years to come. Second, our games come in small packages, perfect for shipping, storing, and taking with you wherever you go. Third, nearly all of our games are $20 or less, so we've got gifts for every budget, as well as stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, and appreciation gifts for the service workers in your life. Fourth, with over 50 titles to choose from, we're pretty sure we have a game for everyone, whether they are casual players, gameschoolers, or hardcore gamers. And finally, when you buy a Looney Labs game, whether you buy it locally or online, you are supporting a small business, and it is appreciated.

Looney Labs is nearing the end of its 25th Anniversary year. We have been including Silver Jubilee Gifts with orders all year. These greeting cards include a 2-player Tiny Fluxx game for both you and a friend!

In addition, it is our long-standing tradition to give our fans a holiday gift, and this year it is a physical mailing. If you place an order, this gift will be included with the order automatically. If you would like the free holiday gift alone, you don't need to pay postage, but you do need to make an account in our Shopify store so that you can provide us with your request (before December 15th) and mailing address. We will send a gift out for free to any address in the USA. Happy Holidays from all of us at Looney Labs!

We released two brand new Fluxx games this year.

Fantasy Fluxx is a spoof of the fantasy genre, just as our classic Star Fluxx is a spoof of the sci-fi genre. In Fantasy Fluxx you will find humorous references to classics such as The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, A Game of Thrones, The Princess Bride, and more. You'll also find some exciting new cards, including magical spells!

Wonderland Fluxx takes you down the rabbit hole to the land that Alice explored in Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. Have tea with the Mad Hatter, slay the Jabberwock, ask directions of the Cheshire Cat, and more, all while enjoying the original black and white artwork by Sir John Tenniel. (And don't forget to grab the Mock Turtle promo card while you're at it!)

You may have already seen our five Star Trek related games that were released in previous years--four Fluxxes and a Chrononauts-based time travel game that is a Trek-lover's dream come true. And you may have even seen the Bridge Pack, which aids in combining the Original Series deck with the Next Generation deck.  

But we have two new expansions that are sure to please--the Archer Pack and the Porthos Pack! Both are set in the Star Trek Enterprise world, but also have cards that encourage shuffling any number of Star Trek Fluxxes together, and is best when you shuffle ALL FOUR together! (Don't worry, we've included cards that keep the game from lasting too long--most games with all four decks last about 45 minutes.)

If you're looking for something to thrill the Trekkie or Trekker in your life, you need look no further!

We also re-released three classic fan favorites that have been out of print for many years. Once again you can enjoy the classic story of The Wizard of Oz, the silly invasion send-up that is Martian Fluxx (where you play the Martians gathering up the pathetic humans), and the tiling game with Larry Elmore artwork, Seven Dragons! If you missed them the first time, now's your chance. If you've loved these games for years, buy a copy for a friend!

We've also got some fun related promo cards--If I Only Knew the Words and Talk Like a Martian

Have you got a loved one who is stationed overseas and won't be able to make it home for the holidays? Now you can brighten their days with a game from Looney Labs. Our full line is available through the AAFES Exchange, with free shipping to deployment locations. And our games are small enough to fit in a uniform shirt pocket!

The AAFES Exchange is also available to military family members and veterans... an easy way to shop for the holidays! And anyone with a Military Star card pays no sales tax and receives free shipping!

What are Looney Pyramids? They are plastic multi-color gaming pieces that can be used to play a whole lot of fun games. Think of them like a deck of cards... one set of game pieces, a wide variety of games to play! 

If you're just getting started, you may want to try one of our small boxes of pyramids. These four boxed sets are just slightly larger than our standard Fluxx boxes, and come in four different difficulty levels. Nomids is a brand new very light strategy game that's great for kids. The other three are classic favorite pyramid games. Ice Duo contains two games--Ice Dice (a press your luck game) and Twin Win (a hidden goal game with a little bluffing). Martian Chess (in either opaque deep red or shiny silver pieces) is a mind-bending chess variant in which board position, not color, determines piece ownership. Homeworlds is a deep pure strategy game of space exploration that takes minutes to learn but years to master.

If you're ready for more, or looking for a great whole-family gift, you'll find that Pyramid Arcade has enough pieces and accessories to play dozens of games ranging from simple to very deep strategy, press your luck, memory, manual dexterity, and party fun. 

Or, if you're already in love with the pyramids and own them all, you might consider reading the book that started it all, or getting an old collectible copy of Playing with Pyramids.

Looking for something small and inexpensive that will nevertheless thrill and surprise its recipient? Look no further! We have a whopping 48 different promo cards available to add just a little extra fun to Looney Labs games--each for only one dollar. And choosing the right ones is easy thanks to the navigation in our store which lets you look for all the promo cards that work in the specific games you own!

Also of interest, we have 35 different expansions, ranging in price from $1-$6, a peace puzzle for $6, Happy Flowers for $3 each, and four games for $10 or less. And don't forget our partners at The Game Crafter who will print you a Custom Loonacy deck for $10!

Now that you've got all these great Looney Labs games, you're going to need a way to store them all. Our POP Display will look great on your shelf at home, while our Purple Bag will help you bring your games on the road. And the Empty Ice Dice Bag will hold all the pyramids you'll need, and it'll clip right on your belt look or backpack. And if all those promo cards have made your deck too big for the box, we've got you covered with a Bigger Blanker Box.

We hope these ideas help you cross some names off your gift-buying list. Be sure to call ahead to find out how your Friendly Local Game Store is handling sales during the pandemic and to make sure they have the products you want in stock. Or if you can't find them nearby, our webstore is fully stocked and has a few extras like promo cards as well. Thanks for giving our games as gifts this holiday season!